Saints Row (2022)

Saints Row (2022) Trophies and Achievements Guide

This Saints Row (2022) guide lists down all available trophies/achievements that the game has. Saints Row reboot is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Read on to learn how to unlock all Saints Row (2022) trophies.

Saints Row (2022) Trophies

  • Completionist
    Unlock all trophies.
  • Quality Time
    Complete all loyalty missions.
  • All Mine
    Complete all 15 districts in Santo Ileso.
  • We could go home, or…
    Sing karaoke with the Saints.
  • Jack of All Trades
    Acquire every perk.
  • A Golden Age
    Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 5.
  • The Collector
    Obtain 85 items in the Collectibles app.
  • Heard You Like Wheels
    Unlock all vehicle special upgrades.
  • Showdown
    Complete Showdown.
  • Masters of Santo Ileso
    Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 4.
  • Power Players
    Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 3.
  • A Young Empire
    Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 2.
  • It’s a Bird!
    Complete all wingsuit challenges.
  • Untouchable
    Complete 10 Crimes of Opportunity.
  • The Professional
    Complete all jobs on the Wanted app.
  • Always Be Hustling
    Complete all Side Hustles.
  • The Side Job
    Complete a Side Hustle.
  • Wet Work
    Complete a job on the Wanted app.
  • Shopping Spree
    Buy 1 item from every store.
  • Hijacked
    Pulled out of a car by a pedestrian.
  • Finders Keepers
    Obtain 5 items in the Collectibles app.
  • First F#@!ing Day
    Complete First F#@!ing Day.
  • Challenge Accepted
    Complete 25 challenges.
  • Statement Pieces
    Customize a weapon, a vehicle, clothing item, and your skin with a Cutting Edge material.
  • Tune Up
    Customize a vehicle.
  • Optimized
    Customize a weapon.
  • The Mechanic
    Fully upgrade a vehicle.
  • Kitted Out
    Fully upgrade a weapon.
  • Chaos Tamer
    Defeat all members of the Idols Collective.
  • Bonus Round
    Destroy a car with Pugnus Sanctus Dei.
  • The Spins
    Perform a barrel roll.
  • Work Ethic
    Complete a criminal venture.
  • Landlord
    Place a criminal venture.
  • Et tu?
    Betrayed by a friend.
  • Performance Review
    Get fired.
  • Took It To The Limit
    Reach the maximum level.
  • Picking Fights
    Defeat a miniboss from each faction.
  • Wrecking Ball
    Kill an enemy with a towed object.
  • Armor Piercing
    Kill a tank driver with the Quantum Aperature.
  • Making a Name
    Name your criminal empire.
  • Community Outreach
    Complete 10 districts in Santo Ileso.
  • Neighborly
    Complete 5 districts in Santo Ileso.
  • Closet Space
    Own 100 different pieces of clothing.
  • Prankster
    Prank a co-op partner.
  • Smooth Moves
    Buy 2 Emotes.
  • A Car Named Simone
    Perform a quadruple backflip with Super Air Control.
  • Free Refills
    Refill the boost bar 3 times in a row with Infinite Boost.
  • Food for Thought
    Stagger an enemy with a vending machine.
  • Prankster
    Prank a co-op partner.
  • Tourist
    Complete the photo scavenger hunt.
  • Fiesta Time
    Hit a launched pinata with the Pinata Stick.
  • To The Nines
    Open the Style app for the first time.

Note that the Completionist trophy is only available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions. This means that PlayStation users will be able to get a total of 52 trophies, while PC and Xbox versions can only obtain 51 achievements.