Samurai Warriors 5

Samurai Warriors 5 Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

This guide will be showing you the default Samurai Warriors 5 keyboard and gamepad controls. Please note that you can modify these buttons by simply going to the settings menu of Samurai Warriors 5.

Samura Warriors 5 Keyboard Controls

JumpF or Left Mouse Click
Power Attack/Hyper AttackV or Right Mouse Click
Musou AttackG
Select Ultimate SkillW
RageT or Mouse Wheel Up
Call HorseZ or Mouse Wheel Down
Lock-onR or Mouse Wheel Click
Switch MapsQ
Display Info ScreenC
Select CharacterE
Select Item LeftArrow Left
Select Item RightArrow Right
Change CommandsArrow Up
Use Item/Summon UnitArrow Down
Move ForwardO
Move BackwardL
Move LeftK
Move Right;
Move Camera UpH
Move Camera DownN
Move Camera LeftB
Move Camera DownM

Samurai Warriors 5 Gamepad Controls

Power Attack/Hyper AttackY
Musou AttackB
Normal AttackX
Select Ultimate SkillRB
Select CharacterMenu
Switch MapsL3
Call HorseLT
Change CommandsArrow Up
Use Item/Summon UnitArrow Down

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