Savage Lands Beginners Guide to Weapons and Armors

This guide will be covering the basic details, tips, and tricks that you should know about the weapons and armors in Savage Lands. If you’re one of the players who are just getting started in the game, this guide will surely help you.

Savage Lands Weapons and Armor

This is pretty straight forward as majority of the items needed to craft are gathered. There is an exception for the 3 items that took me a bit too figure out. Frost berries, tree nuts, and bark which is needed for crafting tannin and potions.

Frost berries

  • Farmed by chopping down the small pine trees.

Tree Nuts

  • Farmed by chopping down the small branch, stick looking bushes.

Tree bark

  • Will drop when chopping down pretty much any tree type.

Bows and Arrows

  • Wooden bows and arrows are not needed, barely do any damage. Take 2-3 shots to kill animals on the 1st island and completely useless on the 2nd island.
  • Ebon steel bow and arrows takes 1 shot for game animals and 2-3 shots for hostile animals, but completely useless on the 3rd island.

Best Armor For Each Island

  • As you progess from one island to the next you will notice it will get harder not only from island to island, but as you journey across each island individually. You will see a difference as you adventure across each island.
  • Listing basic armor off nodes, nothing that requires special items.
  • 1st island tin will be more than enough to survive.
  • 2nd island, tin will be useless and will need to farm copper nodes and upgrade to copper armor asap. Iron armor will be better off as you get deeper in the island.
  • 3rd island, iron armor will be useless. Try to farm silver and upgrade to silver armor asap. As strong as silver armor may be, its still recommended to upgrade to gold armor as you get deeper in the island.

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