Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus Keyboard and Controller Shortcuts

Planning to play Scarlet Nexus? If yes, then you should make yourself familiar with the in-game keys and shortcuts. In this guide, we will be sharing with you the default keyboard and controller keybinding for Scarlet Nexus.

As mentioned, these are just the default keybindings and you have the option to modify them.

Scarlet Nexus Keyboard Controls

Move ForwardW
Move BackS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Action (Check/Talk)E
Action (Shop)Z
Strafe/DashShift + Arrow Up or H
Weapon AttackLeft Mouse Click or U
Special AttackC
PK AttackRight Mouse Click or F
Special Object/Brain CrushG
Psychokinesis Field Y
Brain Field DevelopmentB
Move Camera UpI or Arrow Up
Move Camera DownK or Arrow Down
Move Camera LeftJ or Arrow left
Move Camera RightL or Arrow Right
Change Lock On Target (Left)Q + J
Change Lock On Target (Right)Q + L
Assault VisionV
Change SAS/Combo Vision MenuX
Activate SAS MenuShift + Alt
SAS Activation [1]1
SAS Activation [2]2
SAS Activation [3]3
SAS Activation [4]4
Cancel SAS5
Enable Combo Vision MenuShift + Ctrl
Activate Combo Vision [1]F1
Activate Combo Vision [2]F2
Activate Combo Vision [3]F3
Activate Combo Vision [4]F4
Item Select (Left)6
Item Select (Right)7
Use ItemT or Mouse Wheel
Main MenuEsc or P
Local MapM
World Map/ReviveShift + Arrow Left or Shift + Arrow Right
Brain Message ScreenF5

Scarlet Nexus Controller Keybindings

Weapon AttackX
Special AttackY
Activate SAS MenuRB
Enable Combo Vision MenuLB
PK AttackRT
Special Object/Brain CrushLT
Change Lock-On TargetRB + RS (Left or Right)
Move ForwardLS Up
Move BackLS Down
Move LeftLS Left
Move RightLS Right
Action (Check/Talk)Y
Action (Shop)X
Psychokinesis FieldLT + RT
Assault VisionY + B
Brain Field DevelopmentClick LS + Click RS
Move Camera UpRS Up
Move Camera DownRS Down
Move Camera LeftRS Left
Move Camera RightRS Right
Lock On/Reset CameraClick RS
SAS Activation [1]RB + Y
SAS Activation [2]RB + X
SAS Activation [3]RB + B
SAS Activation [4]RB + A
Cancel SASRB + Click RS
Activate Combo Vision [1]LB + Y
Activate Combo Vision [2]LB + X
Activate Combo Vision [3]LB + B
Activate Combo Vision [4]LB + A
Item Select (Left)Arrow Button Left
Item Select (Right)Arrow Button Right
Use ItemArrow Button Down
Main Menu
Local MapMenu Button
World Map/ReviveArrow Button Up
Brain Message ScreenRB + Arrow Button Up

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