Scribble It!

Scribble It! Update Patch Notes

Following the update released last Saturday, developer Detach Entertainment has rolled out the newest Scribble It update Just like the previous update, this new patch brings some bug fixes to the game.

Apart from the bug fixes, it is also worth noting that patch added a delete button to history drawings in the gallery. The update also includes minor adjustments and under the hood performance upgrade. You can learn more about this patch below.

Scribble It! Update Patch Notes


  • Added “Only my Word Packages” checkbox
  • Added steam artwork upload
  • Added delete button to History drawings in gallery
  • Replaced buttons with context menu in drawing details
  • Increased spacing between ‘_’ to increase readability of word hint
  • Default quick search language is now set to OS language
  • Resetting gameplay settings no longer resets UI language

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed premium avatars were not visible for premium members in onboarding
  • Fixed descriptions of word packages were not wrapped correctly
  • Fixed more than 3 word package categories could be selected
  • Fixed guess input takes all keyboard focus
  • Fixed chat does not wrap correctly
  • Fixed color palette doesn’t have fixed width
  • Fixed removing favorite drawing doesn’t work correctly
  • Fixed edit button in gallery doesn’t work correctly outside of Free Draw
  • Fixed titles in game mode explanations could get out of bounds

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