SCUM Update Released, Minor Gameplay Adjustments and Fixes

Today, developer Gamepires has released the latest SCUM update to address some feedback and reports from the previous patch.

One of the main highlights of the new update is the reworked color patches of clothes. Now, the color patches on clothes are less colorful and dirt is now more visible and realistic.

SCUM Clothing Color Patches

In addition to the cosmetic graphical changes, the update also makes some minor changes in gameplay. It includes the feature addition where players can now grind basic stones. You can read the full changelog of the update below.

SCUM Update Patch Notes

Patching Clothes

  • Colour of patches has been reworked to be less colorful, also dirt is now more realistic

QoL Additions

  • Reworked size and icons for big and small logs to better fit in containers
  • Basic grinding stone can now be crafted
  • Added sounds and increased duration to 10 seconds for trap kill notifications
  • Night vision binding is now on N

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the bug where players would lose ownership of their flag
  • Fixed an item duplication bug
  • Fixed the bug that caused a crash when reloading M1 with an empty clip and one bullet
  • Fixed kill notifications not getting deleted after login (mine and trap kills)


  • Fixed an exploit through which servers could be DDoS attacked

SCUM is available on Windows PC via Steam.

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