SCUM Update Patch Notes

In the latest update for the game SCUM, version, which was released on October 16, 2023, the developers have made several important changes to enhance the gaming experience. First, they tackled various bugs that were causing problems for players. They fixed issues like the strange phenomenon where your character’s eye color would change when wearing scary masks and the problem of the moto mask combined with a hazmat suit hiding the entire body. Players can now happily equip glasses and cigarettes at the same time, and the pumpkin plant is more reliable, consistently yielding pumpkins. Moreover, large refrigerators will no longer slide around, and some custom zone settings related to building bases and flag takeover have been sorted out. Additionally, trader icons for new items are now displayed correctly, and planes will spawn as intended.

In terms of quality of life improvements, the developers have increased the temperature insulation on skirts, making it easier for players to stay comfortable in different climates. Tactical Vest users will be pleased to know that the inventory space has been expanded, allowing for more items to be carried. Lastly, for those taking to the skies, the handbrake and airbrake power of planes have been boosted, offering better control and maneuverability. These changes aim to make the SCUM gaming experience even more enjoyable for players.

SCUM Update Patch Notes

Bug fix

  • Fixed the issue where eye color would change when scary masks were equipped.
  • Fixed the issue where wearing a moto mask in combination with hazmat suit hid the whole body.
  • Fixed the issue where glasses and cigarettes could not be equipped at the same time.
  • Fixed the issue where pumpkin plant would not always yield a pumpkin.
  • Fixed the issue where Large refrigerators could be dragged.
  • Fixed the issue where “Building bases” and “Flag overtake” custom zone settings were swapped.
  • Fixed the issue where trader icons for new items were set wrong.
  • Fixed the issue where planes would not spawn properly.

QoL Additions

  • Increased temperature insulation on Skirts.
  • Increased inventory space of Tactical Vest.
  • Increased handbrake/airbrake power of planes.