Shoot Shoot My Waifu – All Enemy Boss Guide

This guide will be covering how to defeat all bosses in Shoot Shoot My Waifu. Discover the attacks and how to deal with the enemy attacks using our tips below.

Shoot Shoot My Waifu

Shoot Shoot My Waifu Boss Guide

In Shoot Shoot My Waifu, you will be able to face 8 strong bosses. Each of these bosses has different characteristics and attack types. If you’re planning to defeat all of them, make sure to take note of the tips that will be mentioned in this guide.

Kimochia – Sin of Lust

  • Attack 1: Falling washing machine. A dark spot will appear before the washing machines. They fall directly down while rotating.
  • Attack 2: Throwing laundry. She will sweep down the bottom right to left while tossing panties and bras in an arching pattern.

Gula – Sin of Gluttony

  • Attack 1: Frying pan. When she holds up a frying pan she is marking your current position for a strike. Move away before the slam which spews out a yellow bullet in 8 compass directions.
  • Attack 2: Wanton smash. You need to go through the middle, time it correctly. Watch out as she will try to hit you with a small wanton or two.
  • Attack 3: Onion ring buns. Her eyes will gloss over and her buns will fly up and come back exploding with onion rings. Stay to the left and evade as needed.

Belubelu – Sin of Sloth

  • Attack 1: Sheep. After turning herself into a sheep, she bounces around like a DVD Screen Saver. Will she hit the corner perfectly?
  • Attack 2: Sleep. Hugging her pillow as a few dreams circle her and spit out little blue ghosts. You can defeat the dreams or evade the ghosts like you’re PacMan.
  • Attack 3: Bed. She will toss up a bed and blanket, watch out, careful they will fall as they expand. After falling asleep, the bed slides back and forth and her sleeping Z’s are deadly!

Margaretta – Sin of Greed

  • Attack 1: Coin Charge. She will be aglow just before charging to the left as she drops coins behind her. Try to be above her when she charges to stay in the clear.
  • Attack 2: Guards. Two guards will show up with Rocket Launchers. These rockets will track you, so you need to stay on the move.
  • Attack 3: Money Rain. After coming to the center, she tosses a handful of money into the air. They come down in rows with a sway, so start at the bottom and work your way up. Try taking one row at a time rather than trying to rush all the way up to the top. *Tip: I have found if you align yourself for the first row, only move up/down to get through the next rows. Moving left/right gets you killed.
  • Attack 4: Cucumber port. She will teleport to another location indicated by a light and toss out some cucumber slices in your general direction. Make sure you don’t get tele-fragged!

Luceal – Sin of Pride

  • Attack 1: Umbrella. While she is spinning her umbrella, don’t attack. It will reflect your own attacks.
  • Attack 2: Rope slice. She will spawn several ropes. While they are still white, get into the safe area. Once they become solid, start shooting them down. Be careful, she will charge you with her sword. A red kanji will appear over you once she is locked on to you. Move quickly away, but stay out of her path. If you cross her path she will kill you. I find it easiest to make a long circle in a clockwise manner. Her last strike will go to her return position and not to you, so don’t step in the way.
  • Attack 3: Lotus blossom. When she holds her sword straight up, a lotus blossom or two will spawn. As they spin the pedals come off causing a circular pattern. I find that staying at medium range is best for avoiding the pedals.
  • Attack 4: Bamboo tea. Reeds of bamboo will rise from the bottom. She will be on the right, taking a sip of her tea. Then she will throw her cup to the left, breaking the reeds. The reeds explode in leaves when broken. I find it best to not shoot the bamboo reeds, but rather wait for the cup to break them while staying as high up as possible to avoid the leaves as they fall.

Liviatan – Sin of Envy

  • Attack 1: Float. Slowly she floats back and forth in the water. If you stay at the bottom left you can shoot her while she’s vulnerable. Don’t touch the water!
  • Attack 2: Charge. She will quickly charge to the left. Once there she slides back and forth while spitting blue bullets into the air. The lower her health, the more rows of bullets. Stay near the top and follow her motion with a little delay to make the gaps in the bullets.
  • Attack 3: Hover. While hovering on the right, she will fan out a row of balls followed by a row of crystals. These slow down at a certain distance so you need to pass through each row while they are still separate or wait until you are far enough back to make the gaps.
  • Attack 4: Censor ball. After lifting her skirt (which is always a block censor) she will shoot out a large ball. This will explode on impact with the left side. Gravity will take these to the water. Don’t go too far right, stay middle or even still slightly left.
  • Attack 5: Turret. Immediately following the Censor Ball attack, the chastity belt will spawn a turret and slowly shoot at you. Easily avoidable unless caught off guard. Destroy the turret. Once the turret is destroyed, it will not return.
  • Attack 6: Splash. When she dives underwater, quickly move to the left. Two wave pools will show her Exit/Entry points as she jumps out of the water. Right to left to right.
  • Attack 7: Ducks. Immediately following Splash Attack, three-wave pools will show. The left and right will be ducks that splash out of the water with her in the center. The ducks will spit some bubbles in a circle pattern. I find it easiest to stay low in order to hit both ducks. *Tip: Defeat both ducks before they hit the water for the Kill Two Ducks with One Stone achievement.
  • Attack 8: Spitting fish. Koi will be far-right and she’ll point in your direction. The Koi is building up a devastating attack that will spit a beam. Don’t touch the beam. Fish will constantly explode from the end of the beam. Try to slowly move from left, top, to right in a methodical clockwise rotation. This one is really difficult. Be careful, once the Koi is done spitting, she will pounce at your position with one final explosion of fish.

Satano – Sin of Wrath

  • Attack 1: Bouquet toss. After charging to the left, she will toss her bouquet in your general direction. The bouquet will fall into individual flowers that will then fall into pedals. *Tip: Grab the bouquet before it falls into flowers for the You Are the Next Bride achievement.
  • Attack 2: Bat-Cats. Four bat-cats will ally with her as she points at you. They will throw very fast purple bullets at you. Then, the bat-cats focus at a point just in front of her causing waves of bullets to pulse out at you. Stay far left to have enough space to squeeze through. Finally, each bat-cat will cast a triangle. Each point will become a tracking bullet. Stay to the bottom left and slowly work clockwise around the bullets.
  • Attack 3: Slam. She will jump up, then a beam of light will appear. Move away quickly as she slams down to the bottom causing an explosion. Careful of the glowing hot trail she leaves behind.
  • Attack 4: Star. Focusing her energy into a star of bullets, she will emit a circle of skulls, followed by a circle of bullets, repeating until eventually, the star explodes as well. Stick to the edges to allow enough time to dodge the bullets.
  • Attack 5: The Ring. Pulling together all her energy at the center until she explodes with a circle of hearts while showing The Ring over her head. Stay back to avoid the hearts.

Meaw 8th – Secret Sin

  • Strategy 1: The ball of yarn is your friend AND your enemy. Use the Yarn Ball to impact and destroy your enemies. It will even destroy their bullets. But be careful, it will also destroy you.
  • Strategy 2: You will likely not be able to destroy everything, even with the Yarn Ball. Some things you will have to let pass. Destroy a hole, and evade your way through it.
  • Strategy 3: The more Power Levels your Roleplay/Weapon has, the stronger and faster it will affect the Yarn Ball. Shooting the Yarn Ball as it moves away (to the right) will speed it up while shooting it as it moves towards you (to the left) will slow it down.
  • Strategy 3: Even while the mini-bosses are out, don’t forget the main boss (Bubble Gum Machine) still needs to be destroyed. Keep attacking it as it bounces up and down in the back!

That’s all for this Shoot Shoot My Waifu boss guide. While you’re still here, feel free to check the achievements that you can obtain in this game by following this link.

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