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Shop Titans Update 9.1.0 Patch Notes

Shop Titans update 9.1.0 is now available and players can now start downloading this new patch. Developer Kabam Games has rolled out this new patch earlier today to bring new contents that players can enjoy in Shop Titans.

Along with the new content called Year of the Tiger Content Pass, the developer also addressed some of the known bugs and issues in the game. Along with these bug fixes, patch version 9.1.0 also includes under the hood performance and stability upgrades.

To learn more about this new Shop Titans update, check out the full release notes below.

Shop Titans Update 9.1.0 Patch Notes

New Content

  • Year of the Tiger Content Pass – The Content Pass is back! You’ll have 2 weeks to complete tasks and collect Mandarins to unlock some hot content, including the all-new Tiger Spirit blueprint! Alongside this new exclusive bundle, content from the 2020’s Lunar New Year pack will also be available! Alternate rewards will be offered to players who already own these items.
  • New Tiger Pet – Exclusive to the Year of the Tiger Content Pass! This fierce, diminutive tiger is ready to laze around your shop. Petting the belly is NOT advised.
  • On the House! Discount Token – The counterpart of the Limited Edition token, this item allows you to double discount an item of your choice, making it completely free! In exchange for this generosity, you’ll get 10x of the item’s discount energy value!
  • Champion Stories – New Champion stories have been added for Argon and Yami, concluding their respective storylines. Both stories are interconnected, so make sure to read both!

Major Changes

  • XP Drinks – XP gained from XP drink can now bypass the Hero level limit set by your Training Hall.
  • Titan Classes – Some Titan classes have received an upgrade to their innate skill.
  • Lord (Knight) – Once per battle, a Lord will protect an ally from an attack that would be lethal, taking the damage for themselves. Lords don’t protect each other though, honor and stuff.
  • Mercenary (Soldier) – As apt second-in-command, Mercenaries now receive greater benefits from Champion skills. This bonus only applies to the Mercenary, however. As an example, they would receive more Defense and Evasion from Polonia, but would not increase the steal chance or maximum amount of items stolen.
  • Spellknight (Spellblade) – The clownsuit experts have discovered a newfound affinity for items with innate elements (i.e items from chest that come with a built-in element) and will receive a +50% stat bonus from them.
  • Advanced Inventory Search – Following popular demand, we’ve added advanced item searching options to the player’s inventory, similar to what is used for the market.
  • Sigils – Might, Grace and Spark Sigils will now rarely drop from a few select quests. This is a new drop category, so they can appear alongside miscellaneous rewards such as gems, keys, and item bundles. They are not affected by Sia’s leader skill or loot boosters.

Sigils can drop from the following quests:

  • Bleakspire Peak (all difficulties)
  • Tower of Titans (Delta)
  • Lost City of Gold (11-12, regular and boss)

Minor Changes

  • Added extra Familiar animations when a party is sent on a quest.
  • Reworked the King’s Caprice task generation. It should now offer a more pronounced variety and avoid demanding more than 1 premium item line at the same time.
  • Item tiers are now visible on customer sale bubbles.
  • Renamed the Quetzalcoatl bow to Quetzal Wing.
  • It is now possible to access the Hero Hire screen even if you own all the Hero slots.
  • Made it possible to more rapidly tap through Grab Bag opening animations.
  • Updated some Champion class names depending on their current story progression.
  • Yami’s familiars now have different nicknames if her story is completed.
  • Improved the Quest Outlook logic to prevent the same party from generating different faces under the same circumstances.
  • Improved number formatting for broadcasted King sales.
  • Many furniture, walls and floors will be marked as “New!” upon login. Simply scroll through them to clear away this notification (this is the result of some change on how we track new items).

Balance Changes

  • Added Water affinity to the Seltzer Surprise herbal medicine. Pshh pshh.
  • After seeing the change to equipment break in the last update, Rudo hit the gym (even more). His Champion skill now lasts 1 round longer at every tier.
  • Mega Packs will now offer their Tier 11 blueprint to players who own at least one standard Tier 9 blueprint. Standard in this case refers to blueprints that require research scrolls to unlock. This replaces the level requirement.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wonky Familiar sorting when equipping Champions.
  • Fixed familiars displaying disproportionally large visual effects during combat.
  • Fixed an issue with customers sometimes asking for locked Familiars.
  • Fixed users still seeing worker offers that were bought as Black Friday specials.
  • Increased Opulent Element’s ascension costs (was lower than intended).
  • Fixed Momo’s House being covered in snow despite being indoors.
  • Fixed an animation issue where customers would sometimes slide around instead of walking properly.
  • Fixed animations for female staff wielders.
  • Fixed an occasional disconnection issue when equipping Heroes.
  • Fixed occasional blurry item models in the collection book.
  • Fixed item description of the Scorpio for non-English languages.
  • Fixed some misc. item drops counting for the sake of “Gather Components” content pass tasks.
  • Fixed Champion stats not displaying correctly when receiving seeds.
  • Fixed Titan Soul ignoring inventory sorting.
  • Fixed red notification being absent from Accessories tab in Avatar Editor after purchasing an accessory from the Antique Store.

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