Sifu PC Combo Controls Guide

Sifu is an action-adventure game developed and published by Sloclap. With the action-packed gameplay that Sifu is offering, you should definitely make yourself familiar with the action combos in the game to beat your enemies. So in this guide, we will be showing you the list of Sifu combos.

Sifu Combos

Before we get started, note that the following key combos are based on the default Sifu controls.

Crotch PunchW W + LMB
Snap KickW W + RMB
SweepS W + RMB
Palm StrikeS W + LMB
Hook InterceptRMB + Spacebar (Hold)
Duck StrikeLMB (Hold)
Charged BackfistRMB (Hold)
Flowing ClawLMB + RMB
Lightning StrikesLMB (Post-Parry)
Sharp StrikesRMB (Post-Parry)
Crooked FootRMB (Hold) (Post-Parry)
Invert ThrowShift + W (Post-Parry or on a Hit Enemy)
Directional ThrowCtrl (Post-Parry or on a Stunned Enemy)
Khap ChoyLMB (While Running)
Slide KickRMB (While Running)
Chasing StrikesLMB (On a Pushed Enemy)
Chasing Trip KickRMB (On a Pushed Enemy)
Light Attackx5 LMB
Push Kickx2 LMB + RMB
Roundhouse Kickx3 LMB + RMB
Rising Clawx4 LMB + RMB
Heavy Attacksx4 RMB
Back Breakerx2 RMB + LMB + RMB
Raining Strikesx2 RMB (Pause Before Last Attack)
Spin Hook Kickx3 RMB (Pause Before Last Attack)
Sifu Combos

And this is everything you need to learn about the Sifu combos. Did we miss any combo in the game? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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