SnowRunner (PC) Gamepad Controls

This guide will show you the default SnowRunner controller using the Xbox controllers. Note that other gamepad controllers can also be used on SnowRunner. You can check the official documentation of SnowRunner for more details.

SnowRunner Gamepad Controls

Be reminded that these are the default controls for SnowRunner. You have the option to modify it by simply going to the settings section of the game.

View ButtonNavigation Map
Left Stick – Left and RightVehicle Steer
Left Stick – Up and DownZoom Camera
Left Stick – PushHonk
D-Pad – Arrow UpFunction
D-Pad – Arrow DownPlayer Profile
Menu ButtonPause Menu
Y ButtonQuick Winch
Right StickRotate Camera
Right Stick – PushToggle Camera
LB + AEngine
LB + YDiff. Lock
LB + BHeadlight
SnowRunner Gamepad Controls

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