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‘Solo Leveling’ Chapter 100 Spoilers, Release Date, and Previews

Following the unexpected appearance of the overwhelming power of the new monster, the Korean hunters have been easily destroyed. One by one, they are going down. In the previous chapter, we have seen how Min Byung-Gyu tried his best to hide while healing his comrades. But unfortunately, the Ant King found his presence and stabbed him on his stomach that killed him.

Now that the healer of their squad has been killed, how will the surviving hunters be able to deal with the Ant King? Are they going to take down the Ant King or will they be killed just like what happened to Min Byung-Gyu?

When is the Solo Leveling Chapter 100 release date?

Solo Leveling

The Solo Leveling manga is usually releasing a new chapter every Thursday, and that being said, expect to see Solo Leveling Chapter 100 on January 2, 2020. If there will be no annoying last-minute release delays or rescheduling, we will be seeing how the Korean Hunters take on the Ant King.

To read Solo Leveling Chapter 100, just visit the official website for the novel. While there are lots of websites offering free scanlated copies of the manga, we still highly recommend reading it from the official distributor.

What to expect in Solo Leveling Chapter 100?

Solo Leveling

Note: The following contents contain spoilers for the upcoming chapter based on the novel. Continue reading at your own risk.

The new chapter will begin with Min Byung-Gyu. Just before Ant King beheaded him, he got a chance to tell his comrade to escape. Baek Yoon-Ho tried to escape but due to his wounds, the Ant King managed to grab him. The Ant King opened his mouth and everyone was shocked after hearing the words coming from the monster. Meanwhile, Cha Hae-in is still unconscious and can’t do anything.

The Ant King let go of Baek Yun-Ho after sensing a strong person around and left. While the monster has disappeared, the swarm of ants has finally entered the tunnel going to the queen’s chamber.

Goto Ryuji fights the ants coming in, showcasing the abilities of the strongest hunter of Japan. While he’s speaking with someone, the ant monster appeared in front of him. Ryuji immediately noticed that the monster is strong but he was shocked when the monster spoke in a human language. Goto Ryuji takes on the ant monster, but since he misjudges the monster’s ability, he got defeated.

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