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Solo Leveling Chapter 103 Release Date and Spoilers: Jin-Woo Beating The Ant King

The intense fight between the Ant King and Jin-Woo continues. While the Ant King thinks that he can defeat the human, it seems that things are not going well as Jin-Woo managed to resist all of its attacks.

With the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 103, fans will be seeing more of the epic battle between the manga’s protagonist and the strongest remaining monster in the Queen’s chamber. Continue reading to learn the Solo Leveling Chapter 103 release date and where to read the manga online.

When is the Solo Leveling Chapter 103 release date?

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling manga is releasing a new chapter every Thursday every week. Since there are expected delays or rescheduling, it is safe to say that Jin-Woo fanatics will be able to read Solo Leveling Chapter 103 on January 23rd.

There are lots of websites offering free access to the latest Solo Leveling manga chapter, but we highly recommend reading the manga from the official website and distributor.

What to expect in Solo Leveling Chapter 103?

Solo Leveling

Note: The following contents contain spoilers for the upcoming chapter based on the Solo Leveling novel. Continue reading at your own risk.

The previous chapter ends with Ant King being astonished of what its currently witnessing, a powerful human withstanding its attacks. Following his attack, Jin-Woo makes a countering attack that throws the monster to the wall.

As the fight continues, the Ant King swallowed a sea snail and absorbed the skill called Paralysis Poison. This is one of the most fatal poisons known in the world. Equipped with a new skill, Ant King attacked Jin-Woo but surprisingly, the hunter still managed to withstand and immediately attacked the Ant King on its side.

Meanwhile, the system messaged popped out confirming that the detoxification has been completed. Jin-Woo lost his attention to the enemy and when he looked back, the Ant King had already vanished.

A few moments later, the Ant King suddenly attacks Jin-Woo. The clash between the two continues with Jin-Woo more focused and the Ant King having its new strategy.

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