Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Chapter 111 Release Date: New Season Begins

Sung Jin-Woo just entered a gate which turns out to be a red gate where he faced some strong enemies. Thankfully, he has his shadows who easily took care of the threats. Meanwhile, a flashback of his mother synced into him, telling Jin-Woo not to lower his guard anytime.

Solo Leveling Chapter 111 is on its way and if you’re one of the fans looking forward to it, read on as we tell you the chapter’s release date. In addition, you’ll also learn ways to read Solo Leveling Manhwa in English.

When is the Solo Leveling Chapter 111 release date?

While everyone is excited to see more of Jin-Woo, it seems that you need to be patient this time. As announced by D&C Publishing, the previous chapter Solo Leveling Chapter 110, is the last chapter for the first season.

The upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 111 will be the mark of the second season of the Manhwa. Unfortunately, D&C Publishing did not reveal when will be the next season will be released.

“Webtoon Solo Leveling Season 2 will come back after a short break. We always appreciate your love and support,” D&C stated.

Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 111?

Once the second season begins, you will be able to read the Solo Leveling webtoon from the official distributor, KakaoPage. Apart from the upcoming chapter, you can also read the previous chapters from the same network.