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Solo Leveling Confirms Chapter 105 Release Date

Things are now under their control following the defeat of the Ant King on Sung Jin-Woo’s hands. However, the casualties before the protagonist arrives is still undecided as Hunter Cha Hae-In is on her critical state. Sung Jin-Woo immediately asked his shadows to look for Hunter Min Byeong-Gu’s dead body and decides to extract the shadow on his body.

Witnessing the nature of Sung Jin-Woo’s power, Baek Yoon-Ho finds himself being shocked. Now that the Shadow of Hunter Min Byeong-Gu has risen, will it be able to heal Hunter Cha Hae-In? Let’s find out once Solo Leveling Chapter 105 releases.

When is Solo Leveling Chapter 105 release date?

Solo Leveling

The adaptation of the Koren novel Solo Leveling by Chu-Gong has been webtoon serialized last April 2018. Since then, the webtoon has been constantly releasing a new chapter every week.

The new chapter is scheduled to release every Wednesday which means that Solo Leveling readers should expect to see the newest Solo Leveling Chapter 105 on February 12th.

Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 105?

Solo Leveling

Fans have two options to read the Solo Leveling webtoon. First is by visiting the Solo Leveling website and second is by grabbing the hard copy of the series.

There are lots of websites offering free access to the latest chapters but we highly condemn the use of any unofficial sources. Why visit the unauthorized distributors when you can read Solo Leveling Chapter 105 from the official sources for free?

What to expect in Solo Leveling Chapter 105?

Solo Leveling

Before we continue, be reminded that the following contents contain spoilers for the upcoming chapter based on the original Solo Leveling novel.

The Solo Leveling Chapter 105 features the curiosity and revelation of Sung Jin-Woo’s power. Jin-Woo revealed that he can control and utilize the powers of the deceased. Due to the nature of his power, he tends to hide it because some people might fear it, but according to him, he feels grateful for this power that helped him get to where he was right now. The cameraman realized that the reason why Jin-Woo asked him to turn off the camera was to hide his power and didn’t want to reveal such power to the country.

Meanwhile, Hunter Cha Hae-In’s wounds were healed, thanks to the shadow of Hunter Min Byung-Gu. Sung Jin-Woo patted the Byung-Gu’s shadow while he’s guessing how kind of person the hunter when he’s still alive.

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