Sons Of The Forest – How to Get a Pistol

In Sons of The Forest, the pistol is a valuable tool to overcome challenges during cave expeditions and eliminate formidable enemies. It is worth noting where to locate this essential object.

Getting Started

To initiate our quest for the pistol, it is crucial to possess the GPS in our inventory. The GPS is housed in the survival kit, which we can access through our inventory. Within the survival kit, we can find the standard axe, the crafting book, and the GPS containing a well-defined map of the area. Once we have secured the GPS, we need to navigate towards one of the purple markers indicated on the map to proceed with our mission of locating the other team of comrades.

Beginning from the site of the helicopter crash, we must follow the purple spot situated in the water, directing north as displayed in the image.

The Partner

As we track the path illuminated by the GPS, we will notice it emitting beeps as we draw closer to our colleague’s location. Eventually, we will arrive at the seashore with a red dot visible a few meters away from the coast. Fearlessly, we must swim towards the marker to advance further.

Although the journey towards our target is quite lengthy, our character’s quick swimming pace and endurance allow us to cover the distance in just a few minutes.

Upon reaching the lifeboat, we need to press the “E” button to enter it. Despite the effort required, our character manages to climb aboard, only to witness a shocking sight – one of our comrades has committed suicide. This is apparent from the presence of the gun beside him and his upward gaze. With nothing left to lose, we retrieve the pistol and other useful items like flares from the corpse.

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