PSN Name Change

Sony Warned Their Users About The Risks of Changing The PSN ID

The PS4 name change is officially coming, and last week, Sony began sending invites to select participants of the PSN Name Change feature. While this is good news for PlayStation users who want to change their ID, there are some risks that users should know when changing their name.

If you received an invitation to participate in the beta program of PSN Name Change feature, please be aware that you could face some issues with your games.

Risks of Changing the PSN ID

As previously announced, Sony has clarified that the name change feature will not support all games and applications on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. If you decided to change your ID, here are the possible issues that you may encounter:

  • Losing access to a game that you purchased including in-game virtual currency.
  • Losing saved data and other important achievements that you acquired from a game.
  • May face some connectivity issues for some games.
  • Your original ID may still appear publicly

Meanwhile, Sony already started sending invites for the PSN Name Change beta. According to the invitation letter, participants will be able to use the upcoming feature onĀ PS4 Firmware 6.10. While no official release date has been revealed yet for the 6.10 update, fans are expecting to see it before the year ends.

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