Star Trek: Starfleet Command – How to Get Orion Corvette Blueprints

In the world of Start Trek Fleet Command, players can build their own galactic fleets and engage in strategy-based gameplay. One of the ships that can be useful for players is the Orion Corvette, which has the ability to activate an enemy’s auto shield without using too many resources. However, in order to build the Orion Corvette, players will need to acquire blueprints for it. In this article, we will discuss where players can find Orion Corvette blueprints in Start Trek Fleet Command.

Finding Blueprints in PvE Chests

One way to find Orion Corvette blueprints is by acquiring them through PvE chests gained by defeating low-level enemies. This method is relatively simple and can be done by traveling to Fostaa, where players can find level 9 to 11 enemies that will grant easy blueprints. Alternatively, players can also try any system in the Orion space, as the name of the ship is also Orion.

Gathering Resources for Building the Orion Corvette

In addition to blueprints, players will also need to gather the necessary resources to build the Orion Corvette. These resources include tritanium, which can be mined in the Neutral and Faction zones. The Orion Corvette only requires 800 tritanium for building or repair, making it a relatively inexpensive ship to construct.

Once players have acquired the blueprints and gathered the necessary resources, they will be ready to build their own Orion Corvette. This ship can be useful for raids and other strategic purposes, and it only requires a small amount of resources for repair. Players should use the Orion Corvette wisely to save repair resources and make the most of their intergalactic travels in Start Trek Fleet Command.

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