Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings

Here is the complete PC keyboard controls, shortcuts, and key bindings for the Star Wars: Squadrons.

Just like any other video games on the PC, you have the option to modify the keys by going to the settings menu. You also change the controls while in-game by hitting the Esc button and choose the Controls options.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons Keyboard Controls

WThrottle Increase
SThrottle Decrease
ARoll Left
DRoll Left
Mouse Y axisPitch
Mouse X axisYaw
ShiftDrift (while boosting)
LFree Look
Mouse leftPrimary Weapon
Mouse 5 / Q:Fire Left Auxiliary
Mouse right / E:Fire Right Auxiliary
Mouse 4 / RDeploy Countermeasures
Mouse Wheel UpShield to Front / Power to Engines
Mouse Wheel DownShield to Back / Power to Weapons
Mouse Wheel ClickBalance Shields / Reset Power
CShield Focus / Power Conversion
6Comm Menu
YTeam Chat
HPing Target
BAcknowledge Ping
IToggle Chat Visibility
1Increase Engine Power
2Increase Weapon Power
3Increase Shield Power
4Balance Power
5Targeting Menu
TSelect Target Ahead
FCycle Targets
GTarget My Attacker
TabShow Loadout
-VR Recenter