Starbase PC Keyboard Controls

This guide will be showing you the default Starbase keyboard controls. Please note that you can modify these buttons by simply going to the settings menu of Starbase.

Starbase Keyboard Controls

Player Movement

Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Strafe LeftA
Strafe RightD
Hover UpSpacebar
Hover DownCtrl
Prone PositionX
Magnetic BootsG
Align Player RotationQ
Rotate Facing UpwardsNumpad 8

Ship Control

Pitch DownW
Pitch UpS
Roll LeftA
Rolle RightD
Yaw LeftQ
Yaw RightE
Accelerate BackwardsHome
Decelerate BackwardsEnd
Fire Ship TurretsSpacebar
Strafe Ship UpArrow Up
Strafe Ship DownArrow Down
Strafe Ship LeftArrow Left
Strafe Ship RightArrow Right
Device Bind MenuV
Turret Pith DownW
Turret Pitch UpS
Turret Yaw RightD
Turret Yaw LeftA
Turret Aim UpE
Turret Aim DownQ
Fire TurretsSpacebar
Turret Precision MovementShift


Primary ActionLeft Mouse Button
Secondary ActionRight Mouse Button
Reload WeaponR
Zoom ModeRight Mouse Button
Interact with WorldF or Left Mouse Button
Cursor ModeTab
Pick Up and Equip ItemF
Swap Camera while in Third PersonV
Third Person Camera ZoonAlt
Look Around (Cursor Mode)Right Mouse Button
Weapon Fire ModeZ
Backpack Special FunctionT
Lower or Raise ItemB
Display Ship BlueprintM
Toggle Blueprint LayerF

Manipulating Items

Carry ItemE
Move Carried ItemLeft Mouse Button
Rotate Carried ItemRight Mouse Button
Pickup Item to InventoryP

Carrying Items

Enable Carried Item SnappingC
Reset Carried Item RotationR
Rotate Around X-axisX
Rotate Around Y-axisY
Rotate Around Z-axisZ


Personal InventoryI
Research Tech TreeK
Special MenuO
Company MenuJ
Crafting MenuH
Auction Menu,
Universal ToolU
Feedback ToolF1


Open/Close ChatEnter
Reply to WhisperBackspace
Chat WindowL
Scroll UpPage Up
Scroll DownPage Down


Toggle LifelineF2
Screenshot ModeF3
Switch Audio Signal Channel=
Easy Build Mode.

Shared Designer Controls

Move Tool1
Rotate Tool2
Select Tool3
Bolt Tool4
Cable/Pipe Tool5
Durability Tool6
Snap Tool7 or V
Socket Tool8
Autobolt Tool9
90° Rotate Over n-axisn = Z, X or Y
Free Rotate Over n-axisn = Z, X or Y Pressed + Move Mouse
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
Area SelectMB1 + Drag
Add to SelectionShift + MB1
Remove from SelectionCtrl + MB1
CopyCtrl +C or move tool active + Shift + MB1 + drag on any axis
PasteCtrl + V
CutCtrl + X
New ModuleCtrl + E
Attach Object(s) to a ModuleCtrl + R + MB1
Detach Object(s) to a ModuleCtrl + Shift + R
Toggle Test Flight ModeF5
Move Camera AngleMB2 (Hold) + Move Mouse
Move CameraW, A, S, and D (+ Shift for increased speed)
Move Scene (Without Moving Camera/Angle)Spacebar or MB3 + Move Mouse

Did we miss any control keys for Starbase? Please let us know in the comments below so we can update this Starbase keyboard controls guide.

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