Starship Troopers Extermination – All Equipment and Weapons Guide

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Primary Weapons

The good thing about this rifle is that it is the iconic Mobile Infantry rifle from the ’97 film (minus the under barrel shotgun). The bad thing about this rifle is… that it is the iconic Mobile Infantry rifle from the ’97 film. It’s very fun to use, but its poor dps, accuracy, and stagger make it just as ineffective as the film depicts it. Use it when you want that authentic Klendathu or Planet P feel.

Another version of the Morita from the Verhoeven film, the Carbine represents a significant upgrade over its cousin (despite a lower effective range) due to its higher fire rate and stagger. The latter is key; while the standard Morita excels at nothing, the Carbine at least offers enough stagger potential to slow down or stop bugs in their tracks through burst fire or sweeping lines of fire (even if it cannot actually kill them efficiently). The Carbine has some diehard fans, but most players regard it as inferior to the class-specific weapons.

The signature weapon of the Bastion improves on most aspects of the Carbine bar one: it is highly inaccurate when used standing. It is therefore essential to only operate this weapon while crouched or in siege mode (which negates the problem). Otherwise, it can be thought of as a higher dps, higher endurance Carbine.

Currently exclusive to the Hunter, this weapon possesses unmatched accuracy, effective range, and endurance. As if that wasn’t enough, its dps among primary weapons is second only to a literal grenade launcher. Though technically a marksmanship rifle, it currently fulfills the role of sniper rifle (scope and all), while also being capable of beating out fully automatic weapons at their own game. It’s enough to make a Bastion weep.

This grenade launcher is quite possibly the biggest selling point of the Operator class at present. The Chi-Hong combines unparalleled dps (able to slay even a Veteran Warrior in two shots) with stun and then makes them AoE. The firing arc and travel time of the projectiles may take some getting used to and the ammunition pool may leave something to be desired, but can you really complain when you’re getting this much power and utility in one package? If you ever wondered why you see so few Operators bothering with rocket launchers, this is why. When it’s time to clear a wall or blast a path through the hordes, accept no substitutes.

Secondary Weapons

If you play for any length of time, you’ll notice a distinct lack of this weapon’s presence. That is because, like the Morita, it isn’t actually good at anything practical (and it even lacks the Morita’s fun factor). Its dps is all but nonexistent, its stagger is poor, and it struggles to hit the broad side of a barn.

This is the pistol everyone uses, and for good reason. While its dps is still pathetic (even worse than the Peacemaker’s, in fact), it offers something that not only every class wants, but something they cannot get through their primary weapon: long range stun with a quick reload. The only other weapon right now that even offers stun is the Chi-Hong, and it lacks the range or reload speed of the Emancipator, so even Operators find themselves drawing it when a Gunner is too far to arc a grenade into. The Emancipator is a perfect secondary weapon because its stun enables troopers to prevent warriors from catching them while escaping to safety (either because ammunition has run out for their primary weapon or because they’re extracting).


Proximity Bug Mine
It is exactly what it sounds like: a land mine for bugs (warrior-size or above). Unfortunately, it just isn’t going to kill enough bugs to be worth the opportunity cost of foregoing more useful utilities.

Thermo Charge
This is much like the previous, but manually detonated. It suffers the same problem.

Nuclear Det Pack
This timed nuclear explosive actually inflicts real damage (equal to a Hi-Ex Grenade, and with AoE), but is still very inconvenient to use. It is the best of the mines.

Ammo Fabricator
This is one of the most popular utilities in the game, and for good reason. No matter how many bullets you brought, the endless hordes will eventually leave you wanting more. It can even assist in leveling, as players taking ammunition from it grants experience points to the owner. When it comes to this utility, the question is not “does the team need someone with an ammo fab?”, the question is “is someone else already bringing the ammo fab?”.

Shock Beacon
These beacons can be placed to form a “wall” of electricity to momentarily stun any bug that crosses them. They see a lot of use, but require set up time.

Scan Beacon
Scan Beacons are incredible, and you should either bring them or be grateful to those who do. Once placed, these beacons illuminate any bug within its radius (even through obscuring effects or walls) and double all damage inflicted against them.

Heal Beacon
A favorite of Bastions, the Heal Beacon heals any player within its radius. Operators also have access to it, but they have better utility options.

First Aid Stim
If an Operator wants to play a dedicated medic (or just run through a wall of bugs), these syringes are just what the doctor ordered. They allow for rapid reviving, healing, or self-healing.

Medical Fabricator
This is the healing equivalent of the Ammo Fabricator. It doesn’t see much use due to the prevalence of healing drones, Stims, Heal Beacons, and conventional revives.


This standard-issue frag grenade, like most damage-oriented grenades, is not worth the time it takes to throw.

Cluster Grenade
The expanded blast range this grenade offers over the MX-90 doesn’t prevent it from falling into the same trap: it simply doesn’t inflict enough damage to be worth the throwing time.

Hi-Ex Grenade
This is the exception that proves the rule regarding damage grenades. This grenade has practically no AoE radius, but anything you manage to stick this to will meet its maker. Save it for Tigers and Grenadiers.

Shock Grenade
The Shock Grenade trades damage for an AoE stun. It could potentially buy you time to reload (though in a pinch the Emancipator could also do so, albeit at the cost of delaying your reload).

Scan Grenade
This peculiar grenade places the scan effect on enemies near where it lands, like a miniature Scan Beacon. Unfortunately, you can only place one at a time, it is not maintainable, and Hunters really, really want to run Hi-Ex Grenades.

Chem Grenade
This grenade fills an area with gas that will slow and gradually damage bugs that pass through it. The damage itself is only suitable for killing drones, but the CC provided by the slow makes this a popular choice (even if it obscures the battlefield somewhat). You can throw it just before the horde emerges from the horde, or use it to cover an escape.

Napalm Grenade
This serves as an alternative to the Chem Grenade. It possesses lower theoretical DoT, but inflicts its damage more quickly. The main difference, however, is that bugs will often (though not always) attempt to go around it instead of through it once it has triggered. Like the Chem Grenade, it can obscure the battlefield.

Special Weapons and Miscellany

This rocket launcher is seen quite often in-game, but cannot be equipped in a loadout. It is most commonly encountered as a reward for completing certain missions in-game. If you are able to claim one, you can replace your currently-held weapon with it, so it is generally recommended to switch your secondary weapon with the Pilum (and before you ask, yes, it is possible to get two Pilums, but it’s arguably a waste of resources). As a general rule, first priority for Pilums should go to Hunters (especially those with the Extended Magazines perk), because their higher sightlines allow them to take better advantage of the weapon’s range and destructive power. Operators, on the other hand, have little need for the Pilum and are therefore incentivized to let their allies take them instead. In terms of performance, the Pilum can be thought of like a Chi-Hong that trades fire rate for range.

A sharp piece of metal may seem like a poor weapon in a war with giant space bugs, but the humble Knife turns out to be a surprisingly useful tool for dispatching drones without expending ammunition. It can even be used while reloading without interrupting said reload.

Yes, that’s right, you can smack bugs with canisters. When carrying a canister in your hands, it replaces your ordinary melee weapon (usually the Knife). In some ways, the Canister is even better than your trusty Knife, because while it may be slow and unable to kill drones in a single slice like the Knife, it has the special ability to stun, making it more useful against warrior bugs.

Nightstar Tactical Mace
Only available during a certain mutator, this weapon replaces your Knife, trading damage for stun (somewhat like the Canister).

Explosive Mace
Another Knife replacenent, this one trading damage for some minor AoE and stun. Like the other mace, it is only available during a certain mutator.

Scoped Morita
Available only during a certain Mutator, this version of the Morita has a scope and replaces your secondary weapon. Like its unadorned sibling, it is fun to use, but suitable only for mag dumping.


Improved Grenade Cooldown
As the name implies, this perk shortens the cooldown of your hand grenades. Unfortunately, it is currently exclusive to the Operator, the class which has the least need for its hand grenades at the moment.

Extended Magazines
Easily one of the strongest perks in the game, Extended Magazines makes each magazine 50% larger (rounded down in the case of the Pilum). This not only increases your ammunition pool, but also increases your shooting to reload time ratio, increasing your dps.

Magazine Bandolier
This perk gives you (depending on weapon) one or two more magazines. It is strictly inferior to Extended Magazines, and should therefore only be used as either a supplement to it or because you’re an Operator (which lacks access to Extended Magazines).

Utility Satchel
This perk gives you one additional use for your utility. Obviously, its usefulness decreases the more uses your utility normally has.

Synthetic Underarmor
This perk doubles your damage resistance against melee bug attacks.

Hardened Ceramic Plates
This perk doubles your damage resistance against ranged bug attacks (currently, only the Gunner bug counts).

Powered-Up Build Tool
A highly underrated perk, Powered-Up Build Tool more than doubles your construction, repair, and deconstruction speeds.

Pain Boosters
If you ever wanted to run faster after being hit by a warrior, this is the perk for you, because it does exactly that. It offers significantly less utility on Veteran difficulty, as some warrior attacks may down you in a single strike.

If you wanted that Knife to be more useful, this perk is for you. Each enemy killed with a melee attack while this perk is equipped grants you some minor health regeneration. It unfortunately offers little help on Veteran difficulty, due to the high damage bugs inflict.

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