Steelrising Fast Travel | How to Unlock and Use


  • To fast travel, enter a Horseless Carriage and select your desired location.

Fast travel is one of the most useful and handy features of every game with a large map. Similarly to other games with fast travel features, using fast travel in Steelrising will allow players to move around the map easily.

But how can you unlock fast travel in the game? Read on as we guide you through the steps to unlocking fast travel, as well as the steps to how to use one.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Steelrising

Fast travel in Steelrising is not enabled by default. To unlock this feature, you need to complete the story mission called Masters of the Machine. After completing the mission, you will be able to access the Horseless Carriage, which is the main transport system and your fast travel point in the game.

How to Use Horseless Carriage to Fast Travel

To quickly travel from one point to another, you need to find a Horseless Carriage. You can easily tell that it’s a Horseless Carriage if you see the bronze-colored chariot. Once you find this kind of chariot, just enter, and you will be able to fast travel to a certain location. Note that the location of the Horseless Carriage can be easily tracked by following the Golden Flag icon. Open your compass and you should be able to see this icon.

And this is how you can easily fast travel in Steelrising.