Stray Energy Drink

Stray Energy Drink: Where to Find All Vending Machines

Energy drinks are one of the most important currencies in Stray as they are needed by the Azooz. This collectible is also required to get all B-12 memories in the game. But where can you find them? This guide will show you where you can get energy drinks in Stray.

Where to Get Energy Drink

Energy drinks can be obtained from vending machines scattered around the map. There are a total of 4 vending machines that we know of. Here’s where you can find them.

Vending Machine #1

The first vending machine can be found just on the left side of the Guardian (if you’re standing in front of him).

Vending Machine #2

The second vending machine can be found down the alley at the start of the Slums.

Vending Machine #3

The third vending machine is on the balcony located above Designer Grandmother. You need to climb to get there.

Vending Machine #4

You can find the last energy drink at the vending machine on the rooftop just below the TV. So from the 3rd vending machine, continue to the rooftop near the TV and collect the energy drink.

What now?

After obtaining the energy drinks from these vending machines, go back to Azooz and interact with him. Give him three energy drinks for his memory and one energy drink for the music sheet.

Are you still having a hard time finding these energy drinks? Gamer Guru on YouTube has shared a video walkthrough on where to find the vending machines. Feel free to watch it below:

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