Stray Souls Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Easy guide how to beat the game, include getting achievements (1 is broken). NOTE: Guide is incomplete [state in progress].


Who’s A Good Boy

Just click “E” on dog – it’s sitting on the bed.


Complete the Grandma’s House level.

Nature Lover

Complete the Forest level.

Family Historian

Complete the Graveyard level.

Local Legend

Complete the Aspen Falls level.

Pest Control

Defeat all enemies in “Aspen Falls” level.

Favorite Grandson

Complete the Nowhere level.

Hero (hidden)(limited)

Get the “Hero” ending.

At the end of the game choose the first option (“Save your father“). You don’t have to replay the game to get a different ending. Once the credits have finished, simply click “continue” the game.

Revenge (hidden)(limited)

Get the “Revenge” ending.

At the end of the game choose the third option (“Take matters into your own hands“). You don’t have to replay the game to get a different ending. Once the credits have finished, simply click “continue” the game.

Apathetic (hidden)(limited)

Get the “Apathy” ending.

At the end of the game choose the third option (“Walk away“). You don’t have to replay the game to get a different ending. Once the credits have finished, simply click “continue” the game.

Omniscient (hidden)

Unlock all of Martha’s secret cutscenes.

Secret Martha’s cutscenes could be unlocked during dialogues, where you have to talk properly to unlock the secret scenes. There are two situations in the game where it can be unlocked and it must be done in one playthrough.

The first one takes place after completing level 1 (Grandma’s house), while driving a car.

You must select the following dialogues:

– I’ll try my best…
– How… how could you possibly have known that?
– Holy sh*t! Are you serious? Who told you this?
– Wow… I always wondered who my family might have been…
The second secret scene can be unlocked in the Police Station level after opening the safe. Select the following dialogue:

– Don’t stress out, ok?

Proselyte (hidden)

Shoot down all the Cult symbols in the Forest level. Go to the section: ”

All cult symbols locations“.

Demigod (hidden)

Beat the game without taking damage.

If you accidentally take any damage, just load the game from the previous checkpoint. When you are not sure whether an enemy has hurt you, check if your life is 100.

Supersonic (hidden)

Beat the game in under 2.5 hrs.


Read all in-game documents. Go to the section: ”

All documents locations“.

The Chosen One

Unlock all trophies.

Grandma’s House Level

Clock’s puzzle

After checking the noise in the attic, signs with the midnight (00:00) will appear on the wall near the stairs:

You need to set the time to 00:00:

Door lock code

The padlock code is the month and day of grandma’s death: 0913:

Toy bricks

You need to create the following password from the blocks:


Playing the piano

Your task is solve the puzzle – play the piano. The colors on the piano are visible in the correct order:


Each color is assigned a number. You will learn about which color corresponds to which number from the pictures hanging throughout the whole house:

So code is: 1 – 3 – 7 – 11 – 10 – 6

In this order you must press the piano keys (buttons) assigned to these numbers.

Graveyard Level


You have to set levers like below picture:

Police Station Level

Opening Safe

Safe. You need to open the safe to get the keys to the cell. To get the code, click on the painting in the same room. It shows the date, two digits (of the year), they are erased. So the code is: (september = 9) —> 9 – 2 – 8 – 3.

You need to spin the wheel as shown by the arrows.

Shooting Range

To get the door code, you need to click on each target in the shooting range. Specific symbols are visible next to the numbers:

The safe code must be entered in the order in which the symbols appear, i.e.: 7 – 9 – 8 – 7:


Password to the computer you can find behind the cells on the wall. It’s word “FALSECAKE” (capital letters):



Behind the house you will find a sign that reads:

According to what is written on the wall of the house, you need to go to the hill (where the tree is):

Once there, approach the tree. Zoom in on the board on it and you will read the code (1997):

Now all you need to do is enter the code into the padlock:

All Cult Symbol Locations

1. The first cult symbol you will find at the very beginning of the forest, the first road you will be on. Just keep going forward until you come across a cult symbol:

2. The second one can be found at the first signpost you come across (MISTY LAKE 0.9 MI / MISTY LAKE 2.6 MI). It’s right next to it, on the left:

3. The third cult symbol can be found after turning right (select MISTY LAKE 2.6 MI – go in this direction). Just keep following this road until you come across a fallen tree and a cult symbol:

4. Now you need to go back and go towards MISTY LAKE 0.9 MI. When you come across another signpost, go left (FRIGID RIVERSIDE 0.4 MI). Follow this path until you finally come across another cult symbol:

5. Turn back and go towards MISTY LAKE 0.3 MI. If you go in this direction you will reach the lake. In the distance you will find another cult symbol:

6. Now follow the road behind the sign (don’t go left or right). Following this path, you will encounter another cult symbol:

7. Another cult symbol can be found on the large tree. You can get there in different ways, here is an example:

8. The next symbol you will find before the bridge, you need to go towards RANGER LODGE 6.5 MI:

9, 10. The last two cult symbols can be found on the way to the boss. The first one is located after the sign with the boy appears, and the second one is right before entering the boss arena:

All documents

Grandma’s House Level (5 documents)

Forest Level (6 documents)

Graveyard Level (1 document)

You can find the same document in three different locations:

Police Station (10 documents)

Aspen Falls (15 documents)

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