Subnautica Prawn Suit Research Guide

This guide will be covering the details about the parwn suit in Subnautica. If you’re one of the Subnautica players who want to learn more about prawn suit, this one is for you.

The Method

Requirements for method:

  • Any movement items, (Fins, sea moth/sea glide, oxygen tanks)
  • Weapon
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Laser cutter
  • Radiation suit

Note: If you have fixed the reactor, you don’t need the radiation suit.

First, head over to the aurora, entering via the front. progress as usual, but when you come to an open flooded space, head up to a secretish room. This is the hanger/bay, where you will find some scrapped prawn suits. Unknown to most people, there classify as fragments, and you only need to scan them all. once you have scanned them, (3 in total) you can craft the suit.

Additional Tips

To get into the aurora, you need to enter the crash zone. Stay near the aurora and do not dive underneath the water, and the reapers won’t bother you.

Guide by TheCrusaderGuy.

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