Sunset Drive 1986

Sunset Drive 1986 Beginner’s Guide and Tips

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can play Sunset Drive 1986. Learn the basic controls, vehicle customizations, and more. If you want to be the best driver in Sunset Drive 1986, make sure to check our guide below.

Sunset Drive 1986 Beginner’s Guide

Are you ready to drive in the city? Here are the tips that you should know.


Exterior Vehicle Customization

Sunset Drive 1986

On the exterior of your vehicle, you can first choose out of a few vehicles which one you want. You only have 1 vehicle when you start, you can unlock the other vehicles when you progress in the game. For a vehicle that you chose, you can select whatever color you want.

Interior Vehicle Customization

Sunset Drive 1986

On the interior, you can purchase a variety of items that you can get with the in-game currency. If you purchase something, it will be placed inside the car, above the dashboard.

Garage Customization

Sunset Drive 1986

When pressing the house button in the bottom left of the screen, you can customize your garage with a variety of items that you can purchase with in-game currency, just like the Interior customization items.

Missions & Upgrades


Sunset Drive 1986

In missions, you have 50 missions that you can complete. When you complete a mission, you will get a reward. The reward is a certain amount of money depending on the difficulty of the mission.


Sunset Drive 1986

In upgrades, you can upgrade Engine Tier, Gear Change Speed, Steering, Brakes, and Nitro Time. You can upgrade something with money. The more you upgrade something, the more money it will cost to continue upgrading it. You can also get money multipliers, which increases the amount of money you make, from leveling up.

Game Settings & Driving

Game Settings

Sunset Drive 1986

In the game settings, you can choose from four Game Modes. Free Ride is what it sounds like because this is pretty much just a sandbox-style game mode. Speed Limit is where you have to stay above a specified speed.

The specified speed with increase as time goes on, so you just have o be above the specified speed and try not to let it catch up with you. Time Rush is where you have to travel the furthest distance possible before you are stopped when you run out of time. Distance Rush is where you have to reach a certain point as fast as possible. Basically a speedrun.

In the game settings, there are options where you can disable traffic and use straight roads only, but choosing those options will decrease the reward value, so if you want better rewards then do not play with these options on. You are able to choose the time of day that you want. There is Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night. The time of day options will not affect the rewards.


Sunset Drive 1986

Controls for keyboard:

  • Press the arrow keys or WASD to drive the vehicle.
  • You can hold in the Shift key to use Nitro if you have it.
  • You can press the ‘E’ key to gear up and the ‘Q’ key to gear down.
  • You can change the camera view by pressing the ‘C’ key. You can go into cruise control with the ‘Z’ key. And you can pause the game with the ‘Esc’ key.

Controls For Xbox controller:

  • Use the ‘A’ button to drive and the left thumbstick to steer.
  • You can use nitro if you have it by holding in ‘RB/R1’.
  • You can gear up by pressing ‘RT/R2, and you can gear down by pressing ‘LT/L2’.
  • You can change the camera view by pressing ‘LB/L1’.
  • You can go into cruise control by pressing the ‘B’ button.
  • And you can pause the game by pressing the ‘Y’ button.

You can change the controls for keyboard and controller in settings if you would rather play with different keys/buttons.

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