Super Ninja Miner – Artifacts Location Guide

This is a guide that will walk you through the location of all artifacts and maps Super Ninja Miner.

1-2 Abandoned Mine Map

By collecting this map, you will unlock all of the levels to the Abandoned mine.

Obtain the pickaxe at the top of the map, next you will head toward the right-most star, once you have collected it, head straight up into the broken stone and you will find the secret passage that leads to the map,

1-6 Artifact

This artifact will beat the bottom of the level. Using the axe you will have to break the boxes covering the cracked stone tile in the bottom left corner of the room. Once it is uncovered, you need to go back up to the top to grab the pickaxe, as it is the only tool that can break these cracked tiles. After obtaining the pickaxe its pretty straight forward, once you punch through the wall, it will reveal a secret passage that will let you get your first artifact!

1-10 Artifact

For this artifact, you will need to complete the level as normal, however, before using the key to go through the tunnel at the bottom of the map, there is a broken stone to the right of the bottom-right most star.

use the wall to line yourself right above the cracked stone, and go straight down, you will break through 2 walls, and have access to the tunnel that will lead you to this artifact!

2-3 Lost Temple Map

For this map, you will start the level by going through the green and blue levers. once you activate both, you will need to go up and down again in order to reactivate the green lever once again. make your way to the bottom right of the level, and use the green block that you have re-activated to use the slope to go up and land on the pink block. since you already have the pickaxe selected, head right in order to obtain the map, this will unlock all levels in the Temple.

2-5 Artifact

For this artifact you will need to grab the pickaxe at the bottom left corner of the map in order to break the cracked tile between the spikes. once you break the tile, its pretty straight forward. you will need to break the tile by positioning yourself on the ladder above (located in the bottom middle of the map in the room with the torch), go straight down, go left, then immediately down again using the tunnel.

2-9 Artifact

After navigating yourself through the maze of blocks, stick to the bottom row, where you will find a cracked brick on the floor next to a torch block. Once you have used your shovel to break the blocks covering it, go back to grab the pickaxe, this will let you break the broken brick tile and get into the tunnel that will lead you to the artifact.

3-2 Dormant Volcano Map

To find this map, you will have to go to the bottom right of the map by the star. First, you will have to clear the area of pickaxe and torch blocks. Next, make sure you go back to the top to grab the pickaxe. Once you are back down in the hole next to the star, use your pickaxe to break the cracked block, it is a little hard to see because of the texture, but you can just blast right through.

After breaking the block, you will go back and forth through the tunnel lowering the water level in order to reach the map.

3-5 Artifact

This one will require some speed. You will have to grab the pickaxe at the beginning of the level and make your way to the top as the water rises, you have to navigate quickly or else you may die. once you reach the top, be careful not to accidentally grab the snorkel, as this will make you drop the pickaxe and make the tunnel unaccessible.

3-13 Artifact

In order to obtain this artifact you will need to cycle around the level using the green portal until you have made it onto the block right above all of the tools while also holding the pickaxe.

At this point all you need to do is go left to break the block, then go down into the tunnel.

4-2 Treasure Island Map

This find is by far the most complicated so far. First, on the middle level, use the tools to destroy the torch and shovel blocks. next, break the axe and shovel blocks in the tunnel going toward the bottom of the level. Once you get to the part going around the side you will find the cracked sandstone tiles, make sure you have broken the shovel blocks.

From here, go down to break these blocks and it will reveal a large passageway. first and foremost, the map is blocked by a keyhole, and in order to get the key you need to go to the breakable sandstone tile in the corner to lower the water. after lowering the water, go to the bottom of the tunnel where you can go up to grab the key. Navigate back to the keyhole where the map is and collect it.

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