System Shock Remake – Enjoy Your Purchase Achievement Guide

Brief guide to show you where to find the vending machine for this achievement.


I created a save just before going out of the Security level door that locks you out of the rest of the station, so that I could hunt for achievements. After browsing each of the vending machines on Reactor, Medical, Research, Maintenance, Storage and Flight Bay, I finally found the machine with the grenade in it.

Here’s just a quick visual guide to show you where it is on the Executive level.

Where to find the vending machine with the grenade

Map Location – See player arrow:

From the square intersection on the Executive level, you want to find this area with two doors and go through the right one:

You’ll end up in this room:

If you walk to the other end and turn to face the ATMs, you’ll see a SnackTron vending machine tucked away in the corner:

Approach the vending machine and you’ll notice a grenade as the first option:

Purchase the grenade and receive a message from Shodan:

Warning – Grenade will explode and destroy the machine:

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