Telltale Games Is Now Facing a Legal Case Against Former Employees

Following the announcement about the closure of Telltale Games studio and the ejection of almost 250 employees, Telltale is now facing a lawsuit against their former employees.

According to the recent report, it seems like the former Telltale Games employees have filed a case against the studio for violating the state’s federal and labor laws.

The filed case Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act states that any company with more than 100 workers must give a 60 days notice before the actual termination of the contract. Telltale meets the standard rule, however, they failed to give a notice about the studio closure.

Apart from the employees’ filed lawsuit, Telltale’s co-founder and ex-CEO Kevin Bruner has also filed another case against the company for alleged contract breach last June 2018.

With the current issues that the company is facing right now, what do you think will be their action against this latest legal case against them? They did a good job developing games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, but we can’t deny that what’s happening right now is a bit hit to the company.

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