Temtem Bosses

Temtem All Bosses – Where and How to Defeat Them

Released earlier this year, Temtem has managed to capture the hearts of many players. Currently, the game is available for PC but as mentioned by the developer before, they have plans to release the game on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

In Temtem, you have to go through an adventure. As you progress in the game, you will be facing formidable opponents and this includes the bosses of each town. There’s a total of six bosses that you will encounter. To make things easier, here’s a handful guide of all the bosses in Temtem and how to defeat them.


List of All Temtem Bosses

Check out the links of each boss to learn the types they are using and how to defeat them.

Where to Find Temtem Bosses

If you haven’t encountered any bosses just yet and want to know their locations, they are usually found in Dogos of each town. These bosses are Dojo Leaders and have prepared some puzzles that you need to solve before actually facing them.

However, there’s an exemption for some bosses in Temtem. These are the non-Dojo Leaders such as Max and Lady Lottie which usually appear once the requirements are triggered in the story.

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