Terraria Shimmer

Terraria Shimmer | Where to Find and How to Get


  • Shimmer can be found in Aether.
  • It can be obtained using the Bottomless Shimmer Bucket.

One of the newest addition in Terraria is the shimmer, a liquid that has different transformative effects on creatures or items when it comes into contact. The shimmer has been introduced in Terraria update 1.4.4 Labor of Love. For players who are looking for this liquid, continue reading below to get the full details.

Where to Find the Shimmer in Terraria

Shimmer is a unique liquid that spawns in a specific biome. You can find it in the Aether, a mini biome that is located in the outer thirds of the Cavern layer. This area is located on the same side as the world creation. Aether is the main spot to find shimmer.

How to Get Shimmer

Unfortunately, buckets are not used to collect some shimmer liquid. Instead, you need to have a Bottomless Shimmer Bucket to obtain the shimmer. To craft a Bottomless Shimmer Bucket, you need x10 Luminite Bar and x1 Bottomless Water Bucket. Once you have these ingredients, go to the Ancient Manipulator and craft the Bottomless Shimmer Bucket. Another method to get a Bottomless Shimmer Bucket is by putting a Bottomless Water Bucket into the shimmer after defeating the Moon Lord boss.

Shimmer Effects

As mentioned, shimmer has unique effects that will allow you to transform items or entities when you put them into the liquid. Putting them into the pool of shimmer will allow you to produce items with vibrant light effects, stats, and more.