Terraria – Supreme Helper Minion Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can easily obtain the Supreme Helper Minion achievement in Terraria. If you’re of the players having a hard time obtaining Supreme Helper Minion, this guide is for you.

Supreme Helper Minion Achievement Guide

Before we start, please note that there are also some ways to get this achievement. This guide is based on personal experience.

Create a world

I highly recommend making a small world in classic mode. That way you won’t have to do a lot of running and defending yourself. The last thing you’d want is to die as you are catching a fish far away from spawn.

Start looking for the angler NPC and create a house and small base

The Angler is always located floating in one of the oceans on either the left or right side of your world. If you made a small world it should be no problem getting to the ocean. You then want to create a basic 10×6 house with a bed in it. The bed is crucial for saving as much time as possible. A bed is crafted with 15 wood and 5 silk at a sawmill. Once you have a house, assign it to the Angler.

Gather materials

This is going to be a very slow process. You basically want to craft both a fishing rod and a bug net to catch some bait. I recommend starting off with either a wooden fishing rod or a reinforced fishing rod. Both are pre- boss, but if you are willing to put in a bit of time to get a little better of a fishing rod, you could kill the eye of Cthulhu and get Demonite or Crimtane ore to make either the Fisher of souls or the Fleshcatcher. The wooden and Reinforced both work great though. You now need bait! The easiest to get in my opinion is scorpions in the desert. You could also catch butterflies or worms when it is raining. To catch them you will need a bug net. It is purchased from the merchant for 25 silver, so you will need to go around and kill a few mobs and make a house for the merchant too.

Time to start fishing

Now here is the fun part! You will start by going to the angler and he will give you a fishing quest to catch a fish in a certain biome. You would then go to that biome with your new bait and fishing rod. Here you would have to find a body of water in the respected biome and dig it out along with adding water to it if needed with a bucket. Now you start fishing once you have a big enough fishing area.

It should be 75 tiles of water that are not covered in any area. To start fishing just throw your line into the water by left-clicking and wait until the bobber appears to be submerged. Right when the bobber goes down, left-click until the bobber comes up. Keep in mind that you are not guaranteed to fish up anything let alone the proper fish. Keep doing this until you catch the fish.

Once you have obtained the fish, go back to the base with the angler and click on the quest tab in his menu. You will have to tun in the fish by 4:30 am or it won’t count. Once it is turned in, just sleep in your bed and wait until 4:30 am when the quest resets. You have completed your first fishing quest! Only 199 more to go! Keep repeating this step and keep in mind that any new biome will need a new fishing pond.

General tips to make this go way faster

  1. Use a character that already has a decent amount of time on it. If you have a character with time, you may have some resources to make setting up way quicker.
  2. Play in a multiplayer world. All of your friends could all go and fish and help each other. If you catch the fish of the day, don’t just run off and turn it in! Drop it out of your inventory onto the floor and fish again and try getting the fish for your friends who haven’t yet gotten the fish of the day. This could also or for you. Have your friends help you catch the fish if you are slacking.
  3. Fish out a large number at a time. The Angler loves to repeat the fish he wants to be caught. If you have caught the fish and still have a ton of time, drop the fish out of your inventory and try catching multiple of that fish and have them pre caught and just store them in a chest for later. To pick up multiple fish, click on the fish that is currently in your inventory until it is being grabbed and a second should pop into the next available slot. You could also store someone in a Money trough and avoid bag.
  4. Keep fishing and keep your rewards. Fishing in the very beginning is going to be hard. The more you fish though, the better rewards you will get. On your 30th quest, you will get the golden fishing rod which is the best rod in the game. You will also get new and more powerful baits such as master bait (hehe), apprentice bait, and journeyman bait. You could also get accessories that assist in fishing. If you get the Tackle Box (1/40 chance from a quest), the high test fishing line (1/40 chance from a quest), The Angler Earring ( 1/40 chance from a quest) you could make the Angler Tackle bag at a Tinkerer’s Workshop. Otherwise, if you don’t have the goblin Tinkerer yet, you could just carry them all individually. You could also get the Lava proof fishing hook from fishing in lava ONLY USING A HOTLINE FISHING HOOK which could be obtained from the angler for doing quests or by using another lava proof fishing hook. Once you have the lava proof fishing hook, you could combine it with the Angler tackle bag at a Tinkerer’s Workshop to get the Lava proof Tackle bag. Otherwise, if you don’t have the goblin Tinkerer yet, you could carry all of the accessories individually.
  5. Keep having hope and set goals. This achievement takes forever. Maybe you could split it up through days. Maybe do 10 fishing quests a day or maybe more. Just don’t over exhaust yourself and make sure you are still maintaining good mental health. Don’t stay up too late everyday doing this or even skipping your online school to do this. Education is far more important.