The Cabin Summer Vacation – Birthday Suits! Achievement Guide

A quick guide to get the most out of games night with Grace and Hazel.

How To

This achievement is unlocked in Episode 3 during the game you play with Grace & Hazel, however, unless you play your cards perfectly it is very easy to miss the achievement. Additionally, if you took your shot with Kaydence earlier you will have the option to try calling her in Episode 3, you have to select Stay with Grace and Hazel otherwise you will miss your opportunity to play. Below are the options you should select once the game starts:

  1. Pass.
  2. Truth: Have you ever had intimate thoughts about someone else in the game?
  3. Pass.
  4. Dare: Show the last photo that you used your phone to take.
  5. Dare: Using your most seductive voice, tell me something you’re not sure you want me to know.
  6. Dare: Strip off one article of clothing until the end of the game.
  7. Pass.
  8. Dare: Strip off one article of clothing until the end of the game.

Now you just need to continue the game, picking whichever options you, please. The achievement will unlock when the game ends & the scene changes.

Birthday Suits!
You got them both in their birthday suits, congrats!

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