The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol – How to Unlock Skunk Gun

The Callisto Protocol is a game that requires players to use multiple weapons in order to progress. However, finding these weapons can be tedious. In particular, many players are wondering how to obtain the Skunk Gun in the game. This pistol-shotgun hybrid is a useful weapon to have, especially during the early and mid-game phases. Fortunately, there are two opportunities to obtain the Skunk Gun. In this guide, we will show you where to find the Skunk Gun in the Callisto Protocol.

To find the Skunk Gun in The Callisto Protocol, you can follow these steps:

  1. In Chapter 3, you will need to access the Shu with a fuse. Look for the Skunk Gun in front of the gate that leads to Workshop 0302. Once you pick it up, go back the way you came instead of using the fuse to open the door.
  2. Climb the stairs and get past the spiky wall. You should see a sign for D4 Basement Storage. Climb the wall near the storage sign and look for a control switch. Use the fuse on the switch to open the gate and find one of the Skunk Gun schematics.
  3. In Chapter 4, go down the elevator to reach the biodome. In the background, you should see Jupiter. Head to the Oxygen Processing area and go to the Botanical H624 area. At the end of this area, turn right to reach the Utility Hall H626. Make another right through the narrow path and you should see the Skunk Gun schematic. Be prepared to face a small alien attack while you are in the narrow path.
  4. Once you have the schematic, you can return to the upgrade station and purchase the weapon for 800 credits. The Skunk Gun has a high damage stat, making it one of the most powerful guns to obtain early on in the game.

To further improve your Skunk Gun, you can find additional schematics to upgrade it. You can also find other weapons and upgrade them at the reforge station. Remember to keep an eye out for enemies while you search for these items. Good luck on your journey!