The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood Achievements Walkthrough

Achievement guide for the cosmic wheel sisterhood. Note that this guide is still in progress, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know.


This guide is still a work in progress for now as I play through the game again and confirm the condition of certain achievements and how to obtain them.

I recommend playing your first playthrough without looking at this guide. There are three save slots and you can’t reload or go back once you’ve finished the game so you will have to replay it, but the experience is just not the same if you don’t make your own choices.

I spoilered the hidden achievements and some elements of the regular ones, but looking at this guide will hint at the plot in a way you might want to discover for yourself.

Unmissable achievements

Crafting a card
Make your first card

Complete Ábramar’s ceremony

Making of a Witch
Reach chapter II

Reach chapter III

Reach chapter IV

An Inquiry Into Values
Reach chapter V

Reach chapter VI

Reach chapter VII

Thank you for playing!
See the end credits

Card related achievements

Building a deck
Have 7 cards on your deckSee Major Arcana achievement.

Major Arcana
Have 22 cards on your deckBalance your resources when reading fortunes, make cards with parts that don’t cost much energy. During

the campaignyou can ask your allies to harvest energy for you, which can help you create more cards.

The Pithcloth
Acquire the Pithcloth symbolAsk Louise what her specialty is. Choose whatever option you want when she asks what you want. I helped her with her lover and stopping the war, which might be necessary for getting the symbol.

The Coppersmith
Acquire the Coppersmith’s arcanumGiven by Aedana.

Acquire Gaethëryan’s arcanumWIP

Master of the Elements
Acquire Yu-ënia’s Studio sphereWIP

The Penitent One
Acquire the Penitent One arcanumWIP

Dispel a cardWIP

The Cosmic Wheel
Summon the Cosmic Wheel for your deck


Activity achievements

Escape Reality
Read all the interactive fictionWhile resting on the bed, choose to read interactive fiction. You can only read three at a time. The achievement will unlock after clicking the activity one more time and seeing the choice of every available option.

Read all the magical treatiesWhile resting on the bed, choose to study. You can only study three times in one session. The achievement will unlock after clicking the activity one more time and seeing the choice of every available option.

Information is Power
Read all the demographic analysis

Once the campaign starts, Patrice will give you an analysis of every demographic you can appeal to. They can be read all at once when resting on the bed. The achievement will unlock after clicking the activity one more time and seeing the choice of every available option.

Story achievements

Partners in the forbidden
Free Grethe from her Behemoth

Talking to Grethe, using Jasmine’s tea and learning the Behemoth’s name from Ábramar can help with your chances. I asked Dahlia for a blade of truth and told Jasmine to ease Grethe’s mind. Choosing options in the first divination that she would be rid of the Behemoth likely helps. If it doesn’t work you can exit to menu and then continue, even though that’s super cheesy.

Rising Star
Recruit the PeppermancerOnce

the campaign startsand the Peppermancer visits, agree to recruit her to help you with your cause.

The Favorite
Your team is ahead by the end of the political campaign

I have no exact walkthrough for this, except for balancing the actions you can take and reacting to the rivals actions as they happen. Reading all of the demographic analysis will help with knowing which actions are effective with each group.

Congratulations are in order
Win the elections

At the moment i am not sure what causes the win and if you can lose despite being ahead by the end. It might give you an initial advantage, But what you say and what is said about you depends a lot on the choices you made until that moment.

Create your own ending


All Witches are Beautiful
Meet every witchDuring

the campaign, choose to look for allies. Keep inviting the witches that show up until you have met all of them.

Vegan Friendly
Bake a vegan pizza

When making a pizza in chapter II, do not add pepperoni and/or cheese to it.

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