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The Division 2 Title Update 9.1 Patch Notes Confirmed by Ubisoft

Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft have released the official patch notes for the upcoming titled update 9.1 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Along with the changelog, the date and time for the maintenance have also been revealed.

The Division 2 servers will be temporarily shut down for more than 3 hours on May 14th for the scheduled maintenance and the implementation of the new update. Please be advised and complete all your mission before the maintenance begins.

  • 9:30 AM CEST
  • 3:30 AM EDT
  • 12:30 AM PDT

What’s New in The Division 2 Update 9.1

The title update 9.1 will be bringing some minor changes and adjustments in the game. Interestingly, it seems that the developer is nerfing some of the most popular weapons in the game.

Once the maintenance update is complete, expect to see reduced damage and out-of-coverage accuracy for SMG used by red-bar Hyena Assault. Cleaners Tank’s flamethrower ranged has also been reduced.

There’s also a minor change on grenade which is affected by the decreased for the accuracy with distance to a target. Hyena Thrower’s Airburst, Cleaners Turret’s Napalm Airburst, and Black Tusk Mini-Tank’s Grenade’s accuracy have been reduced.

While these useful weapons have been nerfed, it seems that things are still balanced as the update brings a player buff. Some of these are the buffed player skills survivability, damage of player status effects, and in-cover blind fire for players. This buff will be bringing more damage to NPCs and at the same time, reducing the damage received from NPCs.

Apart from these, Massive Entertainment also includes a long list of bug fixes and performance stability. Issues such as FPS drop, NPCs randomly spawning in thin air, unable to open doors, and more has finally been addressed.

All in all, The Division 2 title update 9.1 is all about weapon nerfing, player buffing, NPC balancing, and bug fixes. To learn more about the new update, feel free to check the full patch notes here.

The Division 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

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