The Forest

The Forest Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

This guide will be covering the basic tips and tricks on how to survive in the wilderness in The Forest. If you’re one of the new players of the game, make sure to check our beginner’s guide below.

Getting Started in The Forest

Major Tips for Starters

Always keep track of your HUD status. Some of the most important element that you’ve need to keep track are such as hunger, stamina and health. Eating could fill your hunger bar and prevent starvation which could result to lose energy and eventually, health.

Drinking soda, sit and resting will replenish your stamina. It’s important because cutting trees, running, killing those stupid cannibals required stamina, if you’re out of stamina, you cannot perform certain action effectively such as unable to cut down trees and swinging weapon slowly.

Drinking any form of liquid, either it’s clean or polluted water and soda will replenish your thirst bar, besides hunger, this needs to be your priority to survive.

Eating health remedy, sleeping and taking meds will fill your health bar. Health is definitely important, health can be reduced if you’re falling from a high place, taking damage from cannibals or by eating inedible foods such as poisonous mushrooms, cannibals organ and drinking polluted water.

Wearing armour will fill up your armour bar, it will affect things such as your survivability, visibility and body heat.

When going into the thick forest, always spam E button, because you can collect stuff such as stones, sticks, marigolds, chicory, coneflower and aloe vera.

Don’t sprint, if you’re doing work such as cutting trees, fishing and collecting berries, no need to panic, reserve your energy because, for some reason, you could get jumped by cannibals, so you need to run.

If you’re exploring far or deep enough, make a simple shelter as your save point, but don’t sleep as those shelter will destroy if you sleep for the next day.

Choosing Your Camp Location

Choosing a camp location is just like choosing your future wife, you’ll need to be contempt and confident of your decision.

When setting up camp, I suggest you pick the beach spot near the yacht.

The Forest

The Pros

Many resources in that area, turtles will supply meat for food and turtle shells for building water collector, there’s some small pond nearby that supplies fish and some berry bushes alongside flowers such as chicory and marigold.

The thick forest nearby, you can get stones, sticks and logs easy. At the yacht, there’s some good stuff such as snacks, soda, booze, coins, air canister, walkman and ropes.

Pretty spacious space for building cabins.

The Cons

The less natural barrier means that I need to build a lot of defensive walls to protect myself from cannibals. According to the market, this area is on patrol route, so you’ll be raided by packs of cannibals frequently.

Setting Up Your Save Point

To set up a save point, simply build a shelter for yourself. If you want to build a log cabin, make a simple shelter first as your save point, then proceed by gather building materials such as logs.

The Forest The Forest

My preference is building a log cabin so I can keep tools, arrows, and supplies inside the cabin. But hey, it’s your call to do what you want.


Build a small garden, so you could add another food source such as blueberries, blackberries, aloe vera and coneflower.

I got some extra materials and time, so I pimp my garden a bit.

The Forest

If you have 2 rabbit skins, you could craft a pouch. When equipping the pouch, you can collect berries and mushrooms as a quick food source when you’re exploring someplace.

Storage Warehouse

If you want to keep a good stockpile of building materials, I suggest you build a small warehouse. For me, I build a simple cabin and I put stick holder inside it, and I put log holder, stone holder and explosive rack around it, I also put a birdhouse on the wall.

The Forest

Cooking Area

If you’re playing alone, a firepit, drying rack and a bench are enough, but again, it’s your call, and this is mine.

The Forest

Make sure you have a lot of water collector, so you won’t run out of water source. Build some drying rack so you can preserve some meat from been spoilt. Build some chairs too if you have extra materials and extra effort.


When going exploring, always put markers and simple hunting shelters.

The Forest

Docks (Optional)

This thing is totally optional, but I built it alongside a raft so I could run from cannibals if my place under attacked and seeking safety on the yacht.

The Forest

Prepare Yourself By Training

You can build a shooting target so you could practice shooting arrow and throwing spears so hunting will be easy.

The Forest

If you have everything, then you’re ready to fight the cannibals, exploring the caves and save your son Timmy.

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