The Gunk Achievement Walkthrough Guide and Hints

This guide will be showing you the full steps on how to get all available achievements in The Gunk. As of the moment, there’s a total of 17 achievements that you can obtain in the game.

Story-Related Achievements

First Gunk
Cleared the first Gunk

Land the Ship
Landed the Dust Bunny

Go Camping
Set up Camp

Mega Gunk
Cleared the Gunk Tower

Charged Up
Defeated the Gunk Beast

Try Some Gardening
Found the Garden

Friends After All
Got out of the Wasteland

What’s so bad about Wilderness?
Saved the day

Upgrades-Related Achievements

Give me Five
Installed five upgrades

All In
Installed all upgrades

Rather self-explanatory. For the first one, you have to get five upgrades, for the second one you have to get all upgrades.

Upgrades are unlocked upon scanning objects (read section [Scanning] for more information).

The tricky thing is that you have to get a lot of materials to get all the upgrades, so make sure to search every corner for them.

If you still don’t have the achievement when you get to the Gardener’s room for the second time, you have to place a signal beacon and do some backtracking.

Scanning Achievements

Learning on the Go
Scanned fifteen objects

Space Archaeologist
Filled the encyclopedia

You will easily get the first achievement while playing, for the second one you have to scan all the unique objects in the game. The list is shown below.

A little trick: if you press RMB, the new objects to scan have a green icon (scanned ones have a pink icon).

Object list in chronological order

Luminescent shards


Energy fissure

Luminescent crystal



Mycelium coil


Hydroponics wall

Royal pan

Red cap

Lump fruit

Sperrylite analogue

Squid lantern

Brine anvil

Angel kernel

Rhiza twine

Fowl’s tongue

Tape trunk

Lunar stool

Gunk dripper

Wing beet

Whale jaw

Jeweled apple

Gunk critter

Fungal peppers

Smoke shard

Hog fungus

Tail hive

Inscribed tablet

Ruin gateway

The Gardener’s principle

Signal beacon

Portable stove

Photosensitive trigger

Mulligan melon


Switch chain

The Gardener’s tribute

The Gardener’s opus


Ancient control panel

Ruin swing bridge

Ruin lift


Ruin console

Gunk spitter

Gunk beast


Lock mechanism


Vegetation nursery

Ruin booth

Laboratory counter

Ruin cart


Environment control panel

The Gardener

Two Birds With One Achievement

Threw one on another

For this one, you just have to throw one [Gunk critter] into another. Easy peasy.

Charge Off

Make one charge off a cliff

For this one, you need to stand at the edge of the cliff while fighting with [Gunk critters], so eventually, one of them charges into you and falls down.
NB! Make sure to stay not too close to the edge, so you don’t get pushed away and die.

Slip One Past

Grabbed an unaware Gunk Spitter

For this achievement, you need to sneak to a [Gunk spitter], grab it with your glove and pull it.

Don’t worry if the [Gunk spitter] notices you before you can get to it! Just catch its projectile with your glove, throw it back, then quickly hide and continue sneaking.

Three’s a Crowd

Blasted three to smithereens

For this one, you will need the [Power pulse] upgrade. After getting it you just have to shoot three [Gunk critters] with your [E] button rather quickly.

Take Charge

Made one charge into another

In [Chapter 7: Alone] there are some [Gunk beasts] patrolling the territory. You have to aggro at least two of them, and then carefully kite them to make sure one of them charges into another.

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