The House of Da Vinci

The House of Da Vinci Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievement in The House of Da Vinci. If you’re one of the players of The House of Da Vinci who want to obtain all achievements in the game, this guide is for you.

The House of Da Vinci Achievement Guide

In this game, players will be able to collect a total of 6 achievements. None of these achievements is hidden/secret.

Chapter 1: The Library

Printing Press – Codex Atlanticus 1478-1482

  • In the Library on one of the bookshelves, you will find The Printing Press Achievement Plaque. Also, there are 3 books with the contributors’ names listed. “A-G” “H-M” and “N-Z”.

Chapter 2: The Workshop

File-cutter – Codex Atlanticus 1480

  • The File Cutter: After you illuminate the room with the catapult, click on the steps to get to the bookcase on your left. There on the shelf is The File-Cutter Achievement plaque.

Chapter 3: The Crypt

Viola Organista – Codex Atlanticus 1488-1489

  • To get the Viola Organista Achievement you need to acquire the objects to light up the fireplace first. Then turn around and scan to your left along the back wall to an alcove of skulls on the shelves. On the middle shelf is the Viola Organista Achievement Plaque.

Chapter 4: Armory

Scythed Chariot – Around the year 1485

  • In the back corner are some barrels next to the bridge in the cannon room. Look off to your left behind the Yurt along the wall. If you zoom in you can see the Scythed Chariot Achievement Plaque on top of the barrels.

Chapter 5: The Tower

Revolving Bridge – Codex Atlanticus 1487-1489

  • Enter the Tower and head to the chest that is next to the Zodiac wheel. On the floor by the wood column, you will find the Revolving Bridge Achievement Plaque.

Chapter 6: The Time Machine

Flying Machine – Manuscript B 1487-1489

  • In the Tower go down the stairs to the ground level of the tower. In the bookcase that is next to the fancy iron gate. Look on the bottom shelf in the wooden box for the Flying Machine Achievement Plaque.

Are you still having a hard time obtaining the achievements? If yes, you can also check the video tutorial guide below.

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