The Isle

The Isle – Beginner’s AI Dinosaur Hunting Guide

Struggling to hunt down AI or new to The Isle’s survival world? This guide will give you a quick and easy run over how to fill your carnivore stomach.

Throughout your time in The Isle, you’ll notice 4 types of roaming AI dinosaurs ready to be eaten! These AI ranges in size, shape and speed. Please be aware that AI dinosaurs spawn less than a certain amount of hunger around players.  If you’re full of food and hear an AI, keep an eye out for others.

4 Types of AI Dinosaur

Each AI has its own unique call, speed and difficulty in hunting, which will be further addressed in this guide!

Avaceratops (Ava)

The Isle Avaceratops

The Ava is the largest AI out of the 4. Avas provide the most food for all carnivores, however, fast they are!

You’re likely to see this AI before any other as it’s noisy and decently sized. Avas is a green, orange, striped horned herbivore. If you’re fast enough, I highly recommend hunting this AI, maybe don’t choose it as food if you’re slow juvie (unless your willing to go for a small run). Be aware that the big carnivores will choose to hunt this AI over everything else, so make sure you keep an eye out when hunting for the big footsteps!

  • Health: 1000
  • Stamina: 130
  • Stamina Drain: 1/s
  • Running Speed: 29.304 KM/H

Psittacosaurus (Taco)

The Isle Psittacosaurus

The Taco is a little bit small and squeaky. Tacos provide little food, but for some dinosaurs, tacos can fill up a good amount of your hunger!

You’ll probably hear this AI before you see it as small, and it runs very slowly. Tacos is a small dark herbivore with hair on the top of its tail and small horns on the side of its face along with a small, cute beak. If you’re slow and hungry, I highly recommend hunting this AI. However, as a big dino, you might have to crouch to bite it because it’s so small. Usually, this little AI has very quick footsteps that can be heard if it’s close by.

  • Health: 25
  • Stamina: 175
  • Stamina Drain: 1/s
  • Run Time (full stamina): 02:55
  • Running Speed: 10.138 km/h

Orodromeus (Oro)

The Isle Orodromeus

The Oro is similar in size to the Taco, making it hard to find at first glance. Oros provides a fair amount of food for almost every dinosaur. So if you’re hungry, I’m sure to say that I’m going to get this little guy to give you a nice boost in food!

You’ll probably hear this AI with a bird-like call and a light colored body. Oros is a small bird/raptor-like animal. This AI has a white, black and beige body with a medium-sized tail, which is usually given away. I highly recommend hunting this AI if you’re hungry like any carnivore size, luckily its speed isn’t too fast for younger dinosaurs.

  • Health: 25
  • Stamina: 100
  • Stamina Drain: 1/s
  • Run Time (full stamina): 01:40
  • Running Speed: 20.25 km/h

Velociraptor (Velo)

The Isle Velociraptor

The Velo is a tiny carnivore that’s going to attack you if you’re a little juvie, so make sure you listen to the screeching! Velos provide little food, but for some dinosaurs, Velos will fill up a decent portion of your hunger!

You’ll probably hear this AI before you see it as tiny, fast, loud and blending very well with its surroundings. Velos are tiny green and brown carnivores and can be hard to find unless they’re crying, which can make you jump. I recommend this AI If you’re hungry, you’ve got some pace and you’re not on this AI snack list (specifically small juvies, unless you are good at avoiding its quick bites).

  • Health: 25
  • Stamina: 100
  • Stamina Drain: 1/s
  • Running Speed: 27 km/h
  • Hunger: 16
  • Damage (per bite): 5

For sound references, follow this link.


Now you’re going to be a little more familiar with the current AI dinosaurs available in The Isle!

Before you start your journey to a strong carnivore, take some time to educate yourself about the calls and footsteps with the links given in each AI summary. Note that you’re not the only hungry dino around, and that AI can also be heard by other big, feisty carnivores!

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