The Last Spell PC Controls and Shortcuts

This guide will show you the complete of The Last Spell controls and keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC. The Last Spell is a turn-based 2D video game developed by Ishtar Games. The game is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows via Steam.

The Last Spell Controls

The following are the default The Last Spell key bindings. To change these default keyboard controls, simply go to Options > Controls.

Camera UpUp Arrow / W
Camera DownDown Arrow / S
Camera LeftLeft Arrow / A
Camera Right Right Arrow / D
Zoom InKeypad +
Zoom OutKeypad –
Focus Camera on HeroNone
End TurnEnter
Construction (Buildings)Z
Constructions (Defenses)X
Open Character SheetC
Open City StashV
Open ShoB
Open OraculumN
Open InnM
Select Next HeroE
Select Previous HeroQ
Next Skill (Item Tooltip)Left Ctrl
Swap Weapons SetTab
Select Hero 1F1
Select Hero 2F2
Select Hero 3F3
Select Hero 4F4
Select Hero 5F5
Select Hero 6F6
Select Hero 7F7
Turbo ModeSpacebar
Skill Rotation (On Diagonals)F
Undo MoveDelete
Display Enemies Move Range (Hold)Left Alt
Weapon Skill 11
Weapon Skill 22
Weapon Skill 33
Weapon Skill 44
Body Armor Skill6
Equipment Skill 17
Equipment Skill 28
Equipment Skill 39
Equipment Skill 40
Equipment Skill 5None
Equipment Skill 6None
Contextual/Perk Skill 1R
Contextual/Perk Skill 2T
Contextual/Perk Skill 3U
Contextual/Perk Skill 4U
Contextual/Perk Skill 5None
Contextual/Perk Skill 6None
Contextual/Perk Skill 7None
Contextual/Perk Skill 8None
The Last Spell Controls

Please note that there are some unassigned actions and functions above. We highly recommend that you add your own desired keys to these functions. Good luck!

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