The Last Worker Achievements Walkthrough Guide

With instructions and without spoilers, just the way you like it.

General info

Number of achievements: 31
Story-based achievements: 19 (5 of them depend on endings)
Achievements that are easy to miss: 0 (scene selection available)
Minimum number of completions for 100%: 1
Achievement difficulty: 2 out of 10 (there are 4 achievements about surviving)
Glitchy achievements: 0

Story-based achievements

Welcome to Jüngle
Make it to OnBoarding.

On the Clock
Complete your shift without getting fired.

Home sweet home
Doze off in the Penthouse.

Race Complete
Complete the Race and Chapter 1.

Try me
Investigate the No-Go-Zone.

According to global statistics, this achievement is unlocked in chapter 4, but I got it in chapter 2. Please share in the comments how it worked for you.

Where does this lead?
Follow the air vents.

Old Junk
Complete Chapter 2.

Throw Rats and take down 3 JüngleBots.

Steal a factory fresh B-Kon.

Lure the SecurityBot and send it packing.

Save Rosa
Complete Chapter 3.

The Wall
Enter the H1VE.

The Core
Hit the core.

A Signal
Investigate the signal.

Achievements about dispatching

Dispatch a package from 100m away.

It may not work the first time, as you need to get used to the controls. It can be done in almost every chapter, but it is important that the level allows you to see dispatch point from afar. I managed to do it at the very beginning of the game.

That never happened
Make your first mistake.

You just need to recycle a good package or send a bad package to dispatch point. Formally, this achievement can be skipped, but in fact it is very difficult not to make a single mistake throughout the entire game.

Finish a shift with a J-Rank.

Just try not to make mistakes during your shift and keep an eye on the rating on your pod’s dashboard.

Smarter not harder
Use a shortcut.

In the middle of chapter 2, you are taught to lift heavy objects (including opening ventilation shafts). In one of the following chapters, during the routine delivery scene, use the acquired skill and take a shortcut through the ventilation.

Wrongly recycle 10 products.

When you receive a package that meets all the criteria, just recycle it. And repeat it 9 more times.

Good Santa
Wrongly dispatch 3 expired Christmas products.

The most tedious achievement, since it depends on the random.

At the beginning of chapter 2, a new introduction appears: Easter is approaching, so Christmas gifts need to be marked as Expired and recycled. But for this achievement, on the contrary, you need to dispatch 3 such packages.

The problem is that dispatching random packages off the shelves doesn’t count, meaning you have to wait until you get a green Christmas-wrapped package for delivery. You’ll have to replay the beginning of chapter 2 about 5-10 times.

Dispatch / recycle 50 different products.

I think it’s hard not to deliver 50 packages during the whole game.

Gotta Fetch Them All
Dispatch / recycle all the products.

The list of all products can be found at Fandom. The achievement pops as soon as the last product is delivered.

There are 5 chapters in the game, each of them has routine delivery scene, and different products are available in each chapter. Check which products you are missing in the main menu and replay the corresponding chapter. E.g., if there are gaps in the list near product No. 30, then go to chapter 2, and if there are gaps near product co. 70, go to shapter 3.

The fastest way to unlock this achievement is the following: take any package from the shelves (it doesn’t matter here whether this package is assigned to you or not) and throw them into the nearest dispatch/recycle point. Continue doing this in different chapters until the list in the main menu is finished.

Achievements about surviving

Complete the Medical Area Shootout without taking a hit.

In one of the scenes of chapter 3 (in the end of the drug theft), bots fly at you one by one, and you have to shoot them. You need to survive this scene without taking a hit.
The first bot simlby breaks the window, and some others crashes into columns — this doesn’t count as a hit. When you get a hit, the screen edges turn red. If you get hit, go to the menu and Restart scene (this will take you back to the beginning of the shootout).

Skew level 1
Finish Skew level 1 without triggering the Nuke.

Chapter 4 will has a Flappy Bird style scene, but in 3D. You need to go through it in one go. If you fail, the game will return you to the checkpoint, but this ruins the achievement, so go to the menu and click on Restart scene.

Skew level 2
Finish Skew level 2 without triggering the Nuke.

The logic is described above. This level seemed easier to me than the first one.

Skew level 3
Finish Skew level 3 without triggering the Nuke (except when you have to).

The logic is described above. This level seemed easier to me than the first one.

Achievements about endings

After completing the game, simply click Continue in the main menu and replay the final scene as many times as necessary.

Take Skew’s hand.

You can choose anything in the first choice, but choose Skewnext time.

Complete the Promotion ending.

Complete the Revolution ending.

Too soon.

Choose revolution in the first choice (in the second and third too). When you get to the elevator near the Joseph’s office (there is a red carpet there), you will be asked to move on, but you should stand still and wait for about a minute. The bird will explode and the achievement will pop.

I also got the previous achievement along with this one.

Completed all of the alternative endings.

I don’t know which endings are considered alternative. But if you get 4 previous achievements, then this one will be unlocked too.

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