The Obscura Experiment Achievement Walkthrough Guide

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.


  • Estimated difficulty: 3.5/10. (Slightly skill dependent)
  • Estimated 100% time: ~1-2+ hours (Slightly skill and luck dependent)
  • Offline/online achievements: 19 offline / 0 online
  • Number of playthroughs: 1 possible, 2 recommended
  • Glitched achievements: Possibly a few. I make note of them in their relevant sections
  • Missable Achievements: None


Welcome Aboard
Start the game. Thanks for trying it out!

Like the achievement says; start the game.

Something’s wrong…
Finish the tutorial. There’s more to come!

This will unlock after overcharging a generator for the first time.

Safe for now
Made it safely to the Central Hub. What was that thing?!

This will unlock after fleeing from the creature for the first time.

We can outsmart it
Made it out of the Laboratory area. Clever use of your surroundings!

This will unlock after completing Zone B.

Back in the light
Made it out of the Living Quarters and escorted the Captain back to safety.\

This will unlock after completing Zone C.

Safety at last
Finish the game. Thanks for playing!

This will unlock after escaping the ship.

In one piece
Finish the game without dying once. Not bad!

It takes guts
Finish the game without dying once, on the Dark Matter difficulty. Now you’re just showing off!

Possibly bugged!

You must complete the game from start to finish without getting caught by the Dark Matter. If you do die, you will need to quit to the main menu and try again. The only difference between difficulties seemed to be how fast the Dark Matter moved and broke through doors. On the hardest difficulty you will need to lock almost every door behind you when running, and be smart about your overloads, especially during the final section of the game.

  • When I completed my Dark Matter run, I only got the Dark Matter achievement, not In one piece. The fix may have been completely resetting the game, but I can’t be too sure.

Here’s a video of my sloppy Dark Matter completion if a visual aid will help.


Happens to the best of us
Die for the first time. Keep your head up!

Don’t give up!
Die for the fifth time. It gets better… we swear!

Should we make the game easier?
Die for the tenth time. Sorry, we’ll stop celebrating your demise now…

Die 1/5/10 times.

Pull the lever!
Force shutdown five doors. That should slow it down!

Possibly bugged

Manually lock 5 doors.

  • It’s worth mentioning that I didn’t earn this on my first playthrough, despite locking more than 5 doors. However, it seems similar to iRepair, the amount you’ve done carries between playthroughs.

Repair five generators. Keep the power running!

Repair 5 generators. Similar to Pull the lever, the amount you’ve done carries between playthroughs.

Why are you locked in the bathroom?
Lock yourself in the Bathroom. Maybe you should try getting a job…

While escorting the captain through Zone C you’ll eventually come to a sign that reads Toilets ^ / < Dorms. Enter the Toilet and lock the door behind you.

The Explorer
Visit every room in the game. Taking in the views, aren’t we?

Possibly bugged

This should come naturally, especially if you’re looking for every log, and is easiest done on Easy mode. Be thorough in searching every room and hallway. I think the only area you might not visit naturally is the Fridge near the start of Zone C.

  • It’s worth noting that this achievement was unlocked when I revisited a hall I had passed through a few times prior.

Lore? In my indie horror game?
Find a log. What kind of events will it unravel?

You expect me to read all of this?
Find all the logs. Now, you know the truth!

  • Log #1 – As soon as you start the game, you can find the log near the back left corner of the locker room.
  • Log #2 – Found on a desk on the right side of the Central Hub (if you’re facing Zone C).
  • Log #3 – A bit into the game you’ll receive an objective to overcharge a generator in an attempt to trap the creature. After doing so, move forward and you’ll spot a sign on your left that reads Offices ^ / Lab Storage ^. This doorway leads to an orange-lit room with the note on a desk.
  • Log #4 – After freeing the captain from her room, go inside to find this next to her bed.
  • Log #5 – While escorting the captain, you’ll pass through the mess hall and exit into a hallway. in this hall is a sign that reads Toilets ^ / < Dorms. Enter the Toilets to find the log.

Down with Anabasis
Find all the logs and leak them to the public. Anabasis & Co will pay for their actions!

Possibly bugged

You must reach the escape pods with all 5 logs collected. The captain will tell you to lock the door behind you and enter your credentials into a computer. Once you do, she’ll also say you can upload the logs and expose Anabasis. Interact with the computer again for the achievement.

  • I didn’t need to reactivate the computer on my playthrough, but I assume that’s the correct way of earning the achievement.

Find Gorb. All hail the orb!

Gorb is a small ball you can find in Zone C. While escorting the captain back to the Central Hub you’ll eventually enter the Mess Hall. As soon as you do, turn left and look behind the table that’s leaning against the wall.

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