The Wailer Achievement Walkthrough Guide

This comprehensive guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to attain a 100% achievement completion in The Wailer.

Story Related

Engraved and Explored

Decrypt the Rune Shufflers

Story-related, cannot be missed.

Successfully solve the moving block puzzle in stage one. The specific symbols required for setting the blocks will be provided later in this guide. You can refer to the sidebar if you wish to skip ahead.

Lost and Forgotten

Complete Stage 1

Story-related, cannot be missed.

Progress through stage one until you reach the end and interact with the brazier.

Planned and Executed

Reunite the Shards of the Manipulated

Story-related, cannot be missed.

Locate the four shards that are scattered throughout the maze. Once you have obtained all four shards, insert them into the door located at the end of the maze.

Risen and Reborn

Complete Stage 2

Story-related, cannot be missed.

Continue playing until you reach the end of stage two and interact with the brazier.

Unbound and Unburdened

Complete Stage 3

Story-related, cannot be missed.

Advance through the game until you reach the conclusion of stage three, where an important event will take place. Experience it firsthand.


Trapped and Tormented

Rekindle the Warden’s Flame

Die and resurrect.

It is possible to perish either from the monster or by falling into a hole. However, please note that all progress made since your last interaction with a brazier will be lost.

Rune Shufflers Puzzle

The correct combination for arranging the blocks, starting from the column where you enter the room and progressing clockwise, is as follows:

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