Timberborn PC Keyboard Controls

Planning to jump into the world of Timberborn and use your building skills to rebuild the world? If so, here are the default Timberborn keyboard controls to help you get started.

Timberborn Controls

Change Speed~, 1, 2, 3
Move CameraW A S D / Arrow Keys, MMB (RMB if changed in settings)
Rotate CameraQ / E, RMB (MMB)
Zoom CameraMouse Wheel, Page Up / Page Down
Move and Rotate Camera FasterShift
Save / Restore Camera PositionCtrl + V or V
Hide / Show InterfaceCtrl + H
Change Max Visible LevelAlt + Mouse Wheel
Toggle Water VisibilityT
Rotate BuildingR or Shift + R
Delete BuildingDel
Force Delete BuildingShift + Del
Pause / Unpause BuildingP

You can also refer to the controls screenshot below:

Screenshot provided by Weissbrot.

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Walter Scott

Quick Delete a building – select building – [DELETE] then [ENTER]