Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Base Game and DLC Achievement Guide

I have categorized all the achievements to make it more convenient to view the available achievements. My intention is to assist all the achievement seekers out there.

Levels (4 Achievements)

A Recent Hope
Reach level 10.

Hero Protagonist
Reach level 20.

Reach level 30.

Living Legend
Reach level 40.

Main Quests (10 Achievements)

Just by completing all Main quests will unlock these achievements

Quest Get!
Completed “Bunkers & Badasses”
Unlock while in Snore Valley Map

Brighthoof Calls for Aid
Completed “Hero of Brighthoof”
Unlock while in in Queensgate map

Short Rein
Completed “A Hard Days Knight”
Unlock while in Brighthoof map

Friend to the Forest
Completed “Thy Bard, with a Vengeance”.
Unlock while in the Weepwild Dankness map

Bomb Voyage!
Completed “Emotion of the Ocean”.
Main Quest in Brighthoof

Rude Sails of Magic
Complete “Ballad of Bones”.
Unlock while in Wargtooth Shallow Map

Brutal Narrative Dissonance
Complete “Mortal Coil”.
Unlock while in Drowned Abyss map

Body Unsnatcher
Complete “The Son of a Witch”.
Unlock while progressing in Karnock Wall map

The First Session
Complete “Soul Purpose”.
Main quest while in Ossu-Gol Necropolis

At the Top of All Things
Complete “Fatebreaker”.
Main Quest in Fearamid Map

Side Quests (6 Achievements)

Gob Darn Good Work
Complete “Goblins Tired of Forced Oppression” and “The Slayer of Vorcanar”.
Found in Mount Crow Map

Parasites Lost
Complete “Walk the Stalk”.
Found in Tangledrift

You, Esquire
Complete “The Trial of Crooked-Eye Phil”.
Found in Crackmast Cove

So Much for That Guy
Complete “The Ditcher”.
Found in Songfan Oasis map

No Quest Too Small
Complete 20 side quests.

Completionist Is Next To Godliness
Complete all side quests.

Overworld (3 Achievements)

Dungeon Ender
Complete every dungeon door in the Overworld.

Back Off!
Stun an enemy chasing you in the Overworld.
punch any enemy when coming after you

Fired Festival
Clear out 10 encampments in the Overworld.

Multiplayer (2 Achievements)

Take This
Trade with another player.

Grab My Hand!
Revive a partner.

Gold (2 Achievements)

Bursting Coffers
Have at least 100,000 gold.

Have at least 1,000,000 gold.

Inventory Upgrades (2 achievements)

Mag of Holding
Purchase the final tier of any inventory upgrade.

Mule Character
Purchase every inventory upgrade.

Looting/Collecting/Killing (6 Achievements)

Put the RNG in Orange
Find an enchanted legendary weapon in the world.

Shop, Drop, and Roleplay
Pick up and redeem a cosmetic item
armored clothing from kills and events

They Haven’t Invented Podcasts Yet
Picked up a lore scroll.
You only need to pick up 1 for this achievement, but here is a video showing where all 57 scrolls are

Luck Amok
Have at least 3,000 loot luck.
Drastic ED xo on Trueachievements.com says
You can see this number on hero skills page. There are a few ways to increase loot luck:
– Leveling up – this won’t be enough on it’s own but will play a big part
– Complete the Shrine of Aaron G – will increase luck by 10%
– Finding Lucky Dice – Each die will increase your luck by a fraction. Finding all 260 will give you increase of 35%

If you are interested in finding every Dice, here is a video showing all locations

Keep On Rollin’
Enchant or re-enchant an item
You don’t have access to the enchanting table until you finish the entire campaign, It will be located next to the blacksmith when unlocked.

Reversal of Fates
Get a Death Save off a badass or a boss.
kill a enemy while down

Chaos Chambers (3 Achievements)

Thank the Maker
Complete a Chaos Chamber Run

”You Mean the Chaos Levels?”
Reach Chaos Level 10.

Controlled Chaos
Reach Chaos Level 20.

The Final Achievement (1 Achievement)

Bunker Mastered
Unlock all other achievements.

DLC Achievement INFO

All 4 DLC Portals are in Dreamveil Overlook. Go to the world map and teleport there.

I have labeled which Portals are for which DLCs

Each portal has 4 levels, each time u redo a level it gets more difficult. You need to complete all 4 levels of each portal. The first lvl you unlock 1 achievement, the fourth lvl you unlock 1 achievement

Coiled Captors DLC (2 Achievements)

Chums, Bested!
Complete “Best Chums”.
lvl 1 of portal

Champion of Tall Fish Tales
Defeat “Chums” the Old God at their highest difficulty level.
lvl 4 of portal

Glutton’s Gamble DLC (2 Achievements)

No More Hero Sandwiches
Complete “Pesto Chango”.
complete lvl 1

The Epic in Epicure
Defeat Imelda the Sand Witch at their highest difficulty level.
complete lvl 4

Molten Mirrors DLC (2 Achievements)

Off the Hook
Complete “Puns and Crimeishment”.
complete lvl 1

Destroyer of Chains
Defeat Fyodor the Soul Warden at their highest difficulty level.
complete lvl 4

Shattering Spectreglass DLC (2 Achievements)

Nothing to Fear
Complete Outer Daemons.
complete lvl 1

Avenger of Lost Souls
Defeat Redmourne at their highest difficulty level.
complete lvl 4

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