Toy Soldiers HD

Toy Soldiers HD Beginner’s Guide and Tips

The remake of Toy Soldiers has finally arrived and if you’re one who is just getting started in the game, this guide will show you the basic tips and tricks to help you get started. Of course, you should get yourself familiar with Toy Soldiers HD controls. Then, learn the basic guide of Toy Soldiers HD below.


  1. Stop the enemy from entering your Toy Box! If your Toy Box health reaches 0, the battle is lost.
  2. Upcoming Waves of enemy units are shown at the top of the screen.
  3. Destroying enemy units gives you more Money to spend on Defenses.

Plaging Turrets

Click on a platform with your mouse to build Defensive Turrents on that platform to destroy enemy waves.

Rotating Howitzers

  1. Howitzers have very long range, but need to be aimed at the enemy.
  2. Rotate Howitzers left and right to change their field of fire.
  3. If an enemy is too close to a Howitzer, it cannot target it.

Launching Waves

  1. Most Waves count down until they launch, this can be skipped.
  2. Launching Waves more quickly grants you more money.

Using Turrets

  1. Select a Turrent to get extra options; Repair damaged turrets, Sell it if you want to put down a different turret, or use it yourself to destroy the enemy!
  2. If you use a turret, you can fire at whatever you want.
  3. Steer the artillery and mortar shells into the enemy by holding down the fire button.


  1. Destroying enemy while using a turret yourself builds up your Barrage Meter.
  2. When the meter is full, the button to use the Barrage will appear.
  3. A Barrage damages enemies all over the map in a series of explosions.

Launching Guys

  1. When using Artillery or Mortars yourself, you can launch a friendly Wave.
  2. Your troops will fight against the enemy infantry and make their way to the enemy base.
  3. If they survive long enough to enter the enemy base, your Toy Box will be repaired.

Driving Vehicles

  1. Some levels have friendly vehicles such as planes, bombers, or tanks.
  2. Use these vehicles by selecting to use them just like a turret.
  3. Friendly vehicles are very powerful weapons.

Advanced Controls

  1. These are shortcuts for Repair, Sell and Use using left, right, and up direction buttons.
  2. While you are in a turret, you can move between your defenses with left and right directional buttons.
  3. A camera man is hidden in each level, you can use him for a soldier’s eye view of the battle.

Medals and High Scores

  1. Each level has a rank you can achieve. To achieve a higher rank, take less toybox damage and earn more money.
  2. Being more efficient with your money gives you a bigger bonus at the end of the level.
  3. Get the high score!


  1. In multiplayer, attempt to reduce your opponent’s Toy Box health to 0% before they destroy yours.
  2. Launch different waves to exploit your opponent’s defenses.
  3. Smash their defenses and protect your own to achieve victory.

Survival Mode

  1. After you achieve victory in a level, you can play it again in survival mode.
  2. In survival mode, there is no end to the enemy waves. Surviving longer will reward you with more points.
  3. More Waves are introduced throughout the battle. Every time a wave repeats, it gets stronger.

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