Train Life - A Railway Simulator

Train Life – A Railway Simulator PC Keyboard Controls

Want to take control of the trains and the developing railway company? If yes, here are the Train Life – A Railway Simulator controls to help you get started.

Train Life – A Railway Simulator Controls

Before we start, note that most of the interfaces inside the train are being triggered using the left mouse button. We will be showing you here the controls that you may have missed during the tutorial section of the game.

Look Up, Left, Down, and RightMouse Drag
Camera Zoom In/OutMouse Scroll Wheel
Toggle the Headlights On/OffT
Toggle the Cabin Lights On/OffLeft Shift or G
Turn Off Emergency BakesSpacebar
Increase ThrottleW
Increase Brake ThrottleE
Lower Brake Step to 0D
Toggle ReverseR
Cycle CameraC
Train Life – A Railway Simulator Controls

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