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Trek to Yomi – All Artifact Locations in Chapter 2

In Chapter 2 of Trek to Yomi, players can find a total of 6 artifacts. These artifacts are scattered across different locations of the game. Obviously, you’re here because you need some help with where to find all the artifacts in Trek to Yomi Chapter 2. So, in this guide, we’ll show you the exact locations where you can pick up all of the 6 artifacts in this chapter.

Chapter 2 Artifact Locations

As mentioned, you can pick up and collect 6 artifacts in the 2nd chapter. Here’s where you can find these artifacts.

Artifact #1

Go right from the shrine with the climbable rocks in the background. As soon as you enter the area, you can immediately spot the artifact sitting on the left side.

Artifact #2

For the second artifact, after you take the elevator inside the cave, take a left and push the wooden plank. Pushing the wooden plank will give you access to another platform where you can pick up the collectible.

Artifact #3

For the third artifact, take a left at the fork in the road once you’re outside after the cave. You can find the artifact sticking out of the huge wall with three sitting people.

Artifact #4

The next artifact can be found during the main story path after pushing a cart in the burning village. Enter the house on the right side and pick up the artifact lying on the lower left of the screen. It’s kind of a piece of paper.

Artifact #5

The fifth artifact is located in a house found by taking the left path before crossing the bridge made of boats in the village. Enter the last accessible house on the left and you can pick up the collectible sitting on top of the table.

Artifact #6

The last and final artifact for Chapter 2 can be found by taking the path facing the screen at the shrine just after the furry collectible.

Congratulations! You were able to find all the 6 artifacts in Chapter 2 of Trek to Yomi. You now have a total of 47 remaining artifacts to collect throughout the game, assuming that you already found the 7 artifacts in the previous chapter. In case you haven’t collected all the artifacts in Chapter 1 yet, you can follow this Trek to Yomi Chapter 1 artifacts guide.

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