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Trek to Yomi – All Artifact Locations in Chapter 3

Great! You have already progressed in the game. Now that you’re already in Chapter 3 of Trek to Yomi, I’m assuming that you’re also ready to find all the artifacts available in this chapter. Without further ado, let’s start the artifact hunting for this chapter.

Chapter 3 Artifact Locations

In Chapter 3, you will be able to collect a total of 10 artifacts. Just like in the previous chapters, these artifacts are located in different areas of the world. Here, we will be showing you where to find each artifact in Trek to Yomi Chapter 3.

Artifact #1

The first artifact can be easily found in the middle of the village streets near the starting point.

Artifact #2

The second artifact that you will be encountering is located inside the building that you can access after destroying the wooden bridge. Simply enter the building and you will see the artifact on top of the table.

Artifact #3

The next artifact can be accessed and picked up by taking the left path up the hill next to the shrine in the lake-side village. Just proceed until you see the man crying on his knees. The artifact is just behind him.

Artifact #4

Now for the fourth collectible. From where you’re standing, as seen on artifact # 3, go straight until you reach the shrine. Upon reaching the shrine, take the right path. Continue walking until you see the man sitting on the ground. The artifact is just right in behind him.

Artifact #5

The fifth collectible is at the shrine after fighting some enemies in tall grass. Take a left to find the collectible in the same area as an NPC.

Artifact #6

Now, for the sixth artifact, instead of entering the village, turn right and continue walking until you find the silhouette of a man. You can grab the artifact from this man lying on the ground.

Artifact #7

The next one can be spotted easily. It is located in plain sight on the main path near the entrance of the village after crossing the burning house.

Artifact #8

The next artifact is located inside the house after you fight a mini-boss wielding a spear. Just enter the house and proceed until you see a table with some stuff.

Artifact #9

Our next artifact is located next to a burning building. Climb near the building and walk to the right side where you see some burning wood and a roof.

Artifact #10

Our final artifact here in Chapter 3 is just in plain sight on the main path just right after a burning building.

So there you have it! Were you able to find all the collectibles in this chapter of Trek to Yomi? If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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